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Refueling and overhaul schedules are what they are, they have to be done.  But there is much here not discussed, the recent high-level purges in all the services have not exempted the Navy, the re-enlistment rates for officers and enlisted are not stellar, and trying to continually get by on younger less experienced staff is not a long-term recipe for success.  This says nothing about the dire need we have to upgrade Sealift assets either, so big ticket things like carriers and super-stealth destroyers and a full compliment of an LCS fleet is likely dead on the budget-cutting floor.

That being said it doesn't have to be the end of protecting America...we can debate if it makes sense to defend the increasingly indefensable actions of these suicidal idiot leaders at home elsewhere...for this thread we'll skip over that and speak to the issue at hand...can we operate with 10 carriers?

Short answer yes.  It might mean rotating from one coast to the other as needs arise, but yes, it can be done.  I wouuld also argue it was a mistake to decommision one of the older oil burners, they can be turned around faster in a pinch and would make a good forward-deployed unit.  They could recommission the Kitty Hawk for such a task and have it stationed at Guam.  If the forward deployed nuke goes back to the mainland for maintenance, then the Kitty Hawk could patrol if another nuke was not available.

Plus, there are the big amphib ships to parade around as well, it doesn't always have top be a carrier, and the presence of a MEU might send a needed message too.

And we could engage ourallies better, and even past Pubbie Prez's (much to my angst) have refused to fully engage the Taiwanese for fear of antoganizing the bloody Chi-Com's, yeah well tough cookies, time for that fear to end!  If the Chi-Com's want to reap the benefits of flooding our markets with their cheap shyt and use that to prop up their military and their regime then they better STFD & STFU or go cry on Vlad's shoulder!
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Re: Obamunism, sinking the once 12 carrier fleet to 11 and soon to 10...
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Pearl Harbor forgotten already.
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