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Re: 2015 "Religion of Peace" Running Deathtoll
« Reply #140 on: December 29, 2015, 09:25:08 AM »
And more Holiday murder...including San Bernadino -

Date   Country   City   Killed   Injured   Description
2015.12.28   Syria   Zahra   32   90   Thirty-two people are slaughtered when a car bombing is followed up by a suicide bomber detonating amid the survivors and rescuers.
2015.12.28   Afghanistan   Kabul   1   33   A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills one other person near a school - also injuring eighteen children.
2015.12.28   Nigeria   Madagali   28   41   Two suicide bombers strike a crowded fish market, obliterating over two dozen patrons.
2015.12.27   Nigeria   Maiduguri   13   0   Ten children are among thirteen blown up by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.12.27   Syria   Damascus   9   16   Sunni terrorists target a refugee camp with mortars, killing nine innocents.
2015.12.27   Turkey   Gaziantep   1   0   A journalist is assassinated by ISIS operatives.
2015.12.25   India   Shantipur   1   0   A Hindu trader is murdered by a Muslim gang.
2015.12.25   Nigeria   Kimba   14   25   Islamists massacre fourteen villagers and abduct children while chanting 'Allah Akbar'.
2015.12.24   Mali   Talahandak   6   0   A half-dozen people are killed in a small town by an al-Qaeda linked group.
2015.12.23   Cameroon   Nguetchewe   2   0   A small girl is among two others murdered by a suicide bomber.
2015.12.23   Iraq   Ramadi   4   0   A family of four is executed for trying to flee the Islamic State.
2015.12.23   Pakistan   Mohmand   3   2   Two children ages 8 and 10 are disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2015.12.23   Israel   Jerusalem   2   1   Two Israelis are left dead after Palestinians stab pedestrians at random.
2015.12.22   Syria   Damascus   3   20   Students are among the casualties of ISIS mortar attacks.
2015.12.22   Syria   Deir al-Zor   9   20   Nine girls are crushed to death in their own school by targeted ISIS shelling.
2015.12.22   Iraq   Albu Diab   14   17   Over a dozen Iraqis are wasted by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.12.22   Iraq   Mosul   17   0   Caliphate members execute seventeen citizens for Internet use.
2015.12.21   Syria   Aleppo   3   2   Three teenaged sisters are disassembled by a Sunni rocket.
2015.12.21   Kenya   Mandera   2   3   Two passengers are killed when Islamists board a bus and try to separate Christians for execution.
2015.12.21   Syria   Barzah   1   9   A civilian is taken out by a Jaish al-Islam mortar blast.
2015.12.21   Iraq   Mosul   1   0   A local imam is executed by Religion of Peace rivals.
2015.12.21   Syria   Suqaylabiyah   2   33   At least one child is among the casualities when Sunnis bomb a Christian neighborhood.
2015.12.21   Pakistan   Atam   1   3   A civilian is laid out by an Islamic bomb blast.
2015.12.21   Afghanistan   Bagram   6   3   A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out six Americans at their base.
2015.12.21   Pakistan   Baizai   2   0   Two people lose their lives when militants bomb a taxi.
2015.12.20   Iraq   Arola   28   4   A Shahid suicide bomber detonates in a small village, killing twenty-eight people around him.
2015.12.20   Iraq   Hamdania   9   0   Three women and an elderly man are among nine members of a family exterminated in the home by Islamic State proponents.
2015.12.20   Nigeria   Beneshiek   9   24   Nine people lose their lives when three child suicide bombers target a youth group.
2015.12.20   Afghanistan   Kabul   1   0   A Mullah shoot an American woman to death outside her apartment.
2015.12.19   Syria   Shaddadi   4   0   The Islamic State stone four people to death for sexual immorality.
2015.12.19   Nigeria   Guba Shango   6   0   Suspected Boko Haram stalk and murder six workers from a construction site.
2015.12.19   Saudi Arabia   Najran   3   0   Shiite radicals fire a rocket at a museum, killing three civilians.
2015.12.19   Syria   Manbij   1   0   A man is beheaded for apostasy after declining to attend prayers.
2015.12.19   Afghanistan   Andkhoy   1   0   Fundamentalists fire on an official returning from a housing project for the disabled, killing his companion.
2015.12.19   Somalia   Mogadishu   4   9   An al-Qaeda linked group sets off a car bomb along a crowded road and then opens fire, killing four civilians.
2015.12.18   Pakistan   Karachi   1   0   A secular political activist is kidnapped and murdered by suspected extremists.
2015.12.18   Libya   Ajdabiya   14   25   Children are among the dead when al-Qaeda attack civilians.
2015.12.18   Mali   Timbuktu   3   0   Three broadcasters are brutally murdered outside a Christian radio station.
2015.12.18   Afghanistan   Kukoldash   3   0   Three civilians are murdered by the Taliban in front of a shop.
2015.12.17   Iraq   Sinjar   10   12   Caliphate members send a rocket into a small town, killing ten people.
2015.12.17   Iraq   Baghdad   3   16   Two ISIS bomb blasts leave three dead.
2015.12.17   Syria   Idlib   1   0   A journalist is shot to death by terrorists.
2015.12.17   Syria   Jamla   3   0   Three men are doused with gas and set on fire by the Islamic State.
2015.12.16   Iraq   Bashiqa   7   4   An ISIS rocket claims seven lives.
2015.12.16   Kenya   Mkunumbi   2   2   An al-Shabaab firing on a lorry leaves two dead.
2015.12.16   Iraq   Kaske   6   7   Six Kurds are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.12.16   Nigeria   Mafa   1   0   One other person is killed when Islamists send four child suicide bombers into a village.
2015.12.16   Iraq   Abu Ghraib   6   1   An ISIS bomb levels six Iraqis.
2015.12.16   Iraq   Sinjar   5   0   Five men are executed by the caliph for trading cigarettes.
2015.12.15   Yemen   Mas   15   20   Fifteen Yemenis are reported killed by Shiite radicals.
2015.12.15   Iraq   Baghdad   2   5   Jihadis set off a bomb amid a cluster of shops, killing two patrons.
2015.12.15   Yemen   Taez   7   15   Seven civilians are killed by Shiite militia armed with heavy weaponry.
2015.12.15   Iraq   Ramadi   2   6   A wave of suicide car bombers manages to kill only two locals.
2015.12.14   Libya   Sirte   1   0   A woman is beheaded by caliphate members for 'witchcraft'.
2015.12.14   Israel   Jerusalem   0   11   A baby and elderly woman are among the casualties when a Palestinian deliberately drives into a bus stop.
2015.12.14   Iraq   Kirkuk   2   2   Terrorists gun down two oil company workers.
2015.12.14   DRC   Oicha   4   3   Islamists attack a small village, killing four people before withdrawing.
2015.12.14   Syria   Damascus   2   4   A young girl is among the casualties of Sunni rocket attack.
2015.12.14   Somalia   Mogadishu   1   0   An aid worker and father of two is senselessly shot to death by suspected al-Shabaab.
2015.12.14   Iraq   Baghdad   2   7   Terrorists set off a bomb near a restaurant that leaves two dead.
2015.12.14   Iraq   Shandokhah   15   0   Fifteen people are dragged before an ISIS firing squad.
2015.12.14   Iraq   Mosul   1   0   The Islamic State executes a teacher for refusing to teach the caliph's curriculum.
2015.12.14   Iraq   Mosul   3   0   Three mosque imams are beheaded by Religion of Peace rivals.
2015.12.13   Iraq   Aski Mosul   6   5   Six Kurds are laid out by ISIS car bombers.
2015.12.13   Pakistan   Parachinar   25   62   Two dozen people at a busy clothing market are ripped to shreds by a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi bomb blast.
2015.12.13   Nigeria   Jos   16   0   Muslim milita storm a village and slaughter sixteen residents.
2015.12.13   Thailand   Yala   1   1   Militants murder an off-duty cop by planting a bomb at his mother's grave.
2015.12.13   Syria   Damascus   1   3   A child is extermintated by a Sunni mortar round.
2015.12.12   Pakistan   Quetta   2   5   Two people are killed by Taliban fundamentalists.
2015.12.12   Egypt   Rafah   4   0   Four people are shot to death by suspected Islamists.
2015.12.12   Syria   Homs   16   54   Sixteen 'infidels' are pulled limb from limb by two ISIS suicide blasts at a hospital.
2015.12.12   Syria   Raqqa   1   0   Caliphate members string up an 'apostate' and execute him on video.
2015.12.12   Iraq   al-Nukhayb   8   10   Eight Iraqis are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.12.12   Iraq   Baghdad   2   6   Two patrons at a market are turned to paste by Mujahideen bombers.
2015.12.12   Syria   Damascus   2   6   Sunnis kill two civilians with a mortar attack on their neighborhood.
2015.12.12   Afghanistan   Baghlan   1   0   Islamic extremists assassinate a local governor.
2015.12.12   Nigeria   Warwara   20   10   Twenty villagers are hacked to death by Islamists.
2015.12.12   Nigeria   Bura-Shika   6   5   A half-dozen people are stabbed to death by Boko Haram.
2015.12.12   Nigeria   Mangari   4   0   Four villagers are chopped up with machetes by Islamic extremists.
2015.12.12   Pakistan   Karachi   1   0   The Tehreek-e-Taliban gun down a 52-year-old man.
2015.12.11   Cameroon   Kolofata   11   22   Islamists strap a 13-year-old girl with explosives and send her into a house, killing at least eleven inside.
2015.12.11   Afghanistan   Kabul   7   7   Two Spanish guards are among seven killed when a Taliban suicide bomber detonates at their embassy.
2015.12.11   Afghanistan   Jalalabad   4   0   Three children are among four innocents are murdered by a female suicide bomber.
2015.12.11   Iraq   Mosul   4   0   A judge is among f ur people executed by the Islamic State.
2015.12.11   Iraq   Ramadi   27   0   Over two dozen Iraqis are reported dead following two Religion of Peace suicide blasts.
2015.12.10   Iraq   Mosul   1   0   A female teacher is dragged before a caliphate firing squad and executed.
2015.12.10   Syria   Tal Tamr   60   80   Three suicide car bombers take out scores bystanders at a hospital and market square.
2015.12.10   Somalia   Mogadishu   1   0   A man bleeds out after Islamists set off a bomb under his car.
2015.12.10   Egypt   Cairo   1   0   Muslim terrorists shoot a traffic cop to death.
2015.12.10   Nigeria   Kamuya   14   6   Religion of Peace activists bicycle into a village and massacre fourteen civilians, some by decapitation.
2015.12.09   Syria   Raqqa   5   0   Five Russian nationals are murdered by the Islamic State.
2015.12.09   Iraq   Baghdad   11   20   A holy warrior with a suicide vest detonates at a Shiite mosque, sending eleven worshippers straight to Allah.
2015.12.08   Egypt   Sinai   4   4   Fundamentalists murder four security personnel with a roadside bomb.
2015.12.08   Philippines   Tulunan   3   0   Three villagers are shot dead by Moro Islamists.
2015.12.08   Afghanistan   Kandahar   50   35   Thirty-eight civilians are slaughtered with a dozen others when Taliban fundamentalists in suicide vests pour machine-gun fire into a crowded market.
2015.12.08   Syria   Deir ez-Zor   1   0   A journalist is tied between two vehicles and then pulled apart by caliphate members.
2015.12.08   Iraq   Baaj   3   0   Three doctors are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.12.08   Iraq   Mosul   1   0   A rival imam is assassinated in front of his mosque by ISIS.
2015.12.08   Iraq   Albu Farraj   7   12   An ISIS suicide bomber kills seven Iraqis.
2015.12.08   Uganda   Lamora Ray   1   0   A policeman is killed by a group of Islamists after leaving Islam for Christianity.
2015.12.07   Iraq   Madain   2   6   Jihadis take out two Iraqis with a bomb planted near a hospital.
2015.12.07   Afghanistan   Nangarhar   2   22   Two civilians are blown up by the Taliban.
2015.12.07   Libya   Tripoli   2   0   Sharia advocates behead two men for 'sorcery' at a public event.
2015.12.06   Yemen   Aden   7   3   A suicide car bomber turns seven 'apostates' into rubble.
2015.12.06   Iraq   Ramadi   8   15   A Shahid suicide car bomber massacres eight Iraqis.
2015.12.05   Iraq   Nineveh   1   0   An accused witch is beheaded by caliphate members in front of a baying mob.
2015.12.05   Bangladesh   Dinjapur   0   10   Suspected Islamists hurl three bombs at a Hindu temple.
2015.12.05   Iraq   Baghdad   2   8   An ISIS bomb blast at a cafe leaves two dead.
2015.12.05   Iraq   Mosul   29   0   Seventeen teenagers are among twenty-nine Iraqis laid out by ISIS executioners.
2015.12.05   Chad   Koulfoua   27   80   Three female suicide bombers massacre twenty-seven patrons at a local market.
2015.12.05   UK   London   0   3   A Muslim with a machete slashes commuters at a subway station.
2015.12.04   Yemen   Sanaa   4   0   An Islamic State execution video shows bombs hung from the necks of four Shiite prisoners.
2015.12.04   Iraq   Ramadi   25   23   Five suicide car bombers take out over two dozen Iraqis.
2015.12.04   Nigeria   Sabon Gari   3   0   A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders three others.
2015.12.04   Nigeria   Kimba   1   0   An elderly man is killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.12.04   Yemen   Sanaa   9   0   Nine Shiites are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.12.04   Yemen   Sanaa   6   0   An Islamic State execution video shows six Shiites blown up with a rocket launcher.
2015.12.04   Yemen   Sanaa   6   0   An Islamic State execution video show six Shiites strapped to a boat and then blown up.
2015.12.03   Yemen   Jaar   15   0   al-Qaeda elements sweep into a town and wipe out fifteen locals.
2015.12.03   Somalia   Mogadishu   1   1   A female journalist is blown apart by an al-Shabaab car bomb.
2015.12.03   CAR   Ngakobo   8   1   Eight civilians at a displaced persons camp are murdered by Muslim 'rebels'.
2015.12.03   Iraq   Mosul   3   0   A man and his wife are among three Kurds executed in cold blood by the Islamic State.
2015.12.02   Syria   Ghouta   2   26   Two Assyrian women are disassembled by a Sunni mortar blast.
2015.12.02   Yemen   Seiyun   2   0   Two tribesmen are kidnapped and executed by ISIS.
2015.12.02   Cameroon   Waza   6   0   Two female suicide bombers slaughter six people.
2015.12.02   USA   San Bernardino, CA   14   17   A 'very religious' Muslim shoots up a Christmas party with his wife, leaving fourteen dead.
2015.12.02   Libya   Sidi Faraj   1   0   A man is killed by an ISIS bomb at a farming community.


And we still have a few more days left just for this year. 
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Re: 2015 "Religion of Peace" Running Deathtoll
« Reply #141 on: January 12, 2016, 03:04:02 PM »
Here is the rest of 2015 death toll.    Thanks to Libertas for keeping it updated. 

2015.12.31    Egypt    Rafah        5            A 5-year-old girl is among a family of five crushed in their home by an Islamist shell.
2015.12.30    Iraq    Aski                    120       The remains of over one-hundred victims of ISIS execution are discovered in a mass grave.
2015.12.30    Dagestan    Derbent        1        ISIS claims an attack in which machine-gun fire was poured into a group of tourists, hitting eleven.
2015.12.29    Iraq    Mosul                2           Two teachers are executed for refusing to teach the Islamic State agenda.
2015.12.29    Iraq    Mosul                3            A youth is among three people decapitated by the Islamic State.
2015.12.29    Thailand    Narathiwat    1        Muslim 'rebels' shoot an office worker three times in the head.
2015.12.29    Pakistan    Mardan       26       Over two dozen souls are snuffed out by a violent Shahid suicide bombing. Children were among the dead.
2015.12.29    Iraq    Mosul               20        Twenty 'media activists' are executed by the caliphate.
2015.12.29    Syria    al-Foua       1       At least one resident is killed when Sunnis shell a Shiite village.
2015.12.29    Syria    Qamishlo       17       Two suicide blasts outside eateries in a Christian neighborhood leave seventeen dead.
2015.12.29      Iraq    Ramadi               40        Forty members of several families are kidnapped and executed by ISIS after being lured out by Iraqi army uniforms.


Wow, its mind boggling to sit and hear Barry tell us that it isn't Islam.  Deny, deny, deny.    And these are the death's we know about.  Its a sad commentary of today world.   

Somehow are numbers came out lower then the religion of peace website.

Jihad Report
 Jihad Attacks:    


 Allah Akbars:    

 Dead Bodies:    

 Critically Injured:    


The reality is we will never know the actual number of victims.   RIP to all those people.

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Re: 2015 "Religion of Peace" Running Deathtoll
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Yeah, I think we can dispense murder-by-murder accounting now (that was a lot of work by all hands), we can post links of the more exceptionally brutal and sadistic antics of these homicidal cultists of Satan and note annual tallies.  I have no doubt the numbers will keep increasing each year unless one of two things happen: 1) the non-cultists wake the eff up and band together to eliminate this plague upon humanity once and for all, or 2) the cultists run out of infidels.
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