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21 Coptic Christian Heros
« on: February 18, 2015, 05:47:07 PM »
These men where led out like sheep to the slaughter but none of them renounced their faith,belief and their love and commitment for the one true and only Messiah the Lord Jesus.

I often wondered if this was me would I be as strong in my faith as these brave souls. I pray for their families and I also pray that God soon will bring swift, immense, and total destruction to these evil vile creatures of the death cult.

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

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Re: 21 Coptic Christian Heros
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2015, 06:52:52 PM »
I've wondered the same thing Magnum, and here's where I think I come down...

If you're in captivity among these animals, there isn't a thread of a chance you're going to prolong your life by renouncing the Christ Jesus. Not a chance. You're just as dead whether you renounce him or not.

Can you imagine, being brought by terror to the point of renouncing Christ - and then the shame of begging his forgivness in your final moments before execution? I can. And it feels a whole lot worse than knowing in that final moment that I did not renouce Him.

So while I think every fiber in ones being would scream to do everything possible to save ones life, I think that at that very moment - the moment I had to decide whether to renounce Christ or not - would come and go without such a renunciation.

All that said, I'd rather focus on killing them before they kill me, thank you very much!
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Re: 21 Coptic Christian Heros
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2015, 08:59:36 PM »
All that said, I'd rather focus on killing them before they kill me, thank you very much!

I've wondered if their captives are given any kind of sedatives...because faced with a beheading, I'd be attempting to gouge out eyes, bite ears or throw my bound hands around their necks in an attempt to kill them first (though you'd ultimately be subdued & beheaded...

...but they can't behead you take 1 or 2 out with you.
2 Timothy 1:7
For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but of power & of love and of calm, a well-balanced mind, discipline and self-control.

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Re: 21 Coptic Christian Heros
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2015, 06:33:52 AM »
So I am bound, big deal...if I could just launch myself at one and tear their throat out with my teeth before they murder me it would be worth it...I might even have a second or two to curse their Incubus Mohammad before they silence me!
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