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Re: Global warming through History
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Spectacular ancient Egyptian treasures are to be exhibited for the first time having been discovered underwater in the submerged ruins of the near-legendary cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus.

... The cities were almost erased from mankind’s memory after sinking beneath the waves in the eighth century AD following cataclysmic natural disasters including an earthquake and tidal waves.

Pre-SUV and air-conditioning.
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Re: Global warming through History
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Nice find Weisshaupt. Take the entire thesis/theory of the GW hoax and pounds it deep in the sand. I continually beat the drum that climate is a sum of many things in the physical world outside of our meager lifespan to anyone that will listen but it always falls on deaf ears or those that simply cannot grasp geological record with the climate and man's historical record. Hey look, a squirrel! ::rockethrow::

Furthermore, the paper doesn't even take into account the huge differences in solar energy fluctuations, solar cycles, that would have contributed to the climate and migrations.

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