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Thai Shrimp Slaves



Must be BS, can't be slavery unless a white man is exploiting someone, right?   :o

Depending on the ideology of the author, "slaves" could mean they don't make $15/hour.

Yeah, that thought did occur to me too.

In reading through the article, what I see are illegal aliens who enter into employment willingly, and suffer harsh working conditions and terrible pay. In other words, they are exploited.

The article comes right out and says that "Raids can end up sending migrants without proper paperwork to jail, while [shrimp factory] owners go unpunished."

There's that word. "Migrants". In other words, people who don't belong there in the first place are being exploited for labor. Doesn't make them "slaves".

But here in the states that is music to libiot/e-gop ears...not slaves, just exploited for cheap essence their is no difference between the illegals hired by Thai shrimpers and those hired by American businesses and what makes it OK to say "slave" over there and not here?

We all know why.


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