Author Topic: Navy Spy for the ChiComs  (Read 428 times)

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Navy Spy for the ChiComs
« on: April 12, 2016, 12:30:49 PM »

Wanted to see a little more on this before I commented.  Under Duh Wun and the legion of idiots preceeding that Incubus who think folks are more potential allies than foes and if we just exchange ideas and grant access to all our people and toys all will be well in the world types...this isn't surprising.  Not since the heady days of Slick Willie have the ChiComs and any foe had a better ally in the White Shathouse than B Hussein O.

Kinda explains the US incompetence in facing the ChiCom expansionist threat, eh?  Obamunism + pc/diversity/multi-culti cultism + emasculated military = scat in charge of billions of taxpayer assets.

And to the other points in the article...not surprised by the wooing overseas...once Tailhook got shut down the boys will be boys crowd looked elsewhere for diversion...and a lot has been parked in Phuket these past several years.

Not condoning anything...just saying throughout history armies, primarily comprised of men doing dirty nasty brutish work for little pay and less recognition often seek outlets of a sexual nature...not allowing for less problematic outlets for that activity typically results in more problematic outlets being discovered.

And on that note cue the Feminazi screed against the evils of the males in the military mantra.

Go ahead, have an all female cadre, you will have rampant lesbianism and non-lesbians seeking entertainment elsewhere.

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