Author Topic: Thanks Obama: Most of the Marine Corps Aircraft Fleet not Airworthy  (Read 477 times)

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The Obama regime's  jihad against the military has resulted in most of the Marine Corps air fleet being not airworthy.

Yes,  really,  its that bad. 

From the article:
"Out of 276 F/A-18 Hornet strike fighters in the Marine Corps inventory, only about 30% are ready to fly, according to statistics provided by the Corps. Similarly, only 42 of 147 heavy-lift CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters are airworthy."

Huge budget cuts have gutted the Marines,  after a long period of high activity. 

You know your a liberal if the military is the only part of government that deserves budget cuts. 

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Re: Thanks Obama: Most of the Marine Corps Aircraft Fleet not Airworthy
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Marines probably only rank 2nd behind SpecOps forces, you decimate those two and you've seriously harmed your defense capabilities.  Next in order of significance would be Navy & Air Force strength (projection, quality and the sea/airlift capability ground forces depend upon [especially the Army, the Marines having dedicated assets already within the Navy] and which has suffered much after such heavy deployments these past two decades and entering the 8th year of neglect by Team Hussein).

Yeah, world growing more dangerous and crazy by the second and Team Hussein can only talk about race, and queers and how horseshat white folk are and piss trillions to cronies who offer ZIP to American wealth, independence or future viability.

Yeah, Hussein the Destroyer still wreaking havoc from within...and howling banshees straining at the leash from without...what could possibly go wrong?!
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