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San Andreas ready to unzip?

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How can we lure as many proglodytes as possible to Southern California?   ::thinking::   :D


Dontchya hate a tease?

More shaking in the region, this time near El Centro.  Slept through some shaking there a long time ago...of course back then I could sleep and I was up to the wee hours of the morning drinking at the base E-Club with some thirsty Brit paratroopers with wads of greenbacks to spend...naturally I felt it my duty to stay with them and ensure they had a good time.  Glad I didn't have to jump out of a plane that morning...I may have just said to heck with pulling that cord!

I always thought if The Big One hit it would unzip from north to south and make the Gulf of California a lot bigger.  Maybe we'll find out soon?

I've quit getting my hopes up years ago.

I hate to see you sad Alan, maybe this will perk you up, I know it piques my interest!


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