Author Topic: As close as the Air Force will ever get to telling Obama he screwed the pooch!  (Read 750 times)

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In a rather obvious blow to telling Obama he blew it when he axed the A-10 the Air Force, citing a need for an effective troop support aircraft, The Air Force is beginning to work on how fast, lethal, durable and capable a new “A-10”-like aircraft would need to be in order to provide U.S. military ground troops with effective close-air support for decades to come.

Basically they are saying "No A-10, no ground support for the troops".  And wanting a "Super A-10" is a double-slap to Obama, who already backtracked once already in pushing the existing A-10 retirement out to 2022 because it is so good at slaying Jihadis.

I'm surprised the REMF's even broached the, a brief (and I wager very brief) flash of common sense prevailed.

OK, back to stupid business as usual!
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The real problem with the A-10 is that it's a rugged, simple, and reliable aircraft that has already been designed and developed.  There's no opportunity for graft, pocket lining, and pork with that program.

What they should do is tool up to manufacture more A-10s.  They could incorporate some more recent improvements into the design, but otherwise leave it as is.  Pentagon brass have become lopsided with systems analysts who are obsessed with everything performing multiple roles.  That's a recipe for bloated, overly complex, expensive weapon systems that aren't even that great at their mission.  Multirole makes sense if you want to make a high speed fighter double as a reconnaissance plane, or something like that.  Trying to make one a fighter, a bomber, and a ground support aircraft?  That program will drag on forever and lots of pockets can be lined.
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