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College Football 2016
« on: September 26, 2016, 08:30:06 AM »
Fun weekend.

I thought the non-call for targeting on UCLA in the first half of the Stanford game was about the worst miss I've seen yet this year...but I think the zebra's got the call right in the Aub/LSU game...not sure a LSU win was going to save Les Miles his job or not...and I see ND gassed their D-C but we'll see how long that keeps Coach alive, not sure I'd want to have that job next, talk about pressure.

It was enjoyable watching Tennessee whup on some Gator butts!  I thought maybe they'd get a better bounce in the rankings, is what it is.  WI appears to have gotten the biggest bump, but that could change rapidly given their schedule which just might be the toughest there is.

This weekend should be fun too, and shake out some teams.

WI@MI, Lou@Clem, Stan@Wash, Tenn@GA. 

Top teams might be the top teams for a while though...Ala toughest left are @Tenn & v A&M.  OSU is @ WI & v MI, Lou @ Clem this weekend and also having plucky v Duke & v Wake as well as @Hou is a tough schedule, MI is @ WI, @ MSU, @ IA & @ OSU is pretty tough road too, Clem with v Lou, @ FSU & @ Wake isn't too bad if they get past Lou, the rest have easier schedules (Hou only has Lou) or will be cannibalizing each other to stay out of the playoff mix...I think the PAC is out of the playoff hunt...even if Stanford or Wash runs the table...too many big teams ahead of them with tougher schedules. 

I hear ties are going to computer stats this year...NCAA trying to keep people out of it...sure, turn it over to SkyNet, everything else is...
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