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JCS Chairman Election Message
« on: October 26, 2016, 07:45:37 AM »

I have to give grudging approval to such a masterful display of moderation.  Naturally, the highest ranking military officer cannot come out in partisan fashion, but I cannot help but wonder if the part about the Oath and being responsive to the National Command Authority and instilling confidence in the military in the new administration can be read two ways?  First, he did not state clearly that the responsiveness to the NCA should not be so blind that the Oath to the Constitution can be undermined for that would clearly be a technical violation of the Oath to follow an unlawful (unconstitutional) order as well as a perversion of bearing true faith and allegiance to the same...but sadly as we all know...when corrupt forces codify things and force them to be responsible parties see them as fraudulently forged and contrary to Founding Principles or do they nod their head in acquiescence and carryout once unthinkable orders?  And is the purpose of this statement to reinforce allegiance to existing NCA should one candidate expire after the result and edicts be issued?  Is it to ensure an opposition party candidate transitions smoothly...even if the current NCA issues orders contrary to the policies of the incoming CIC?  How does he see his role if the election is stolen and bitterly contested?  What if the losing party who happens to belong to the current incumbent party refuses the results or the opposition party clearly had the election stolen and violence breaks out on the streets...whose side does this guy fall on?  And this stuff about being that mere CYA or is a warning also being issued?  Is rank and file loyalty going to be questioned should circumstances go sideways?

I guess I don't recall a message of this type or length being issued before any election before and it is generating some concern.  My gut tells me this guy is sees something coming.  Not that I am not alert already...but this is amping it up a bit.
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Re: JCS Chairman Election Message
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2016, 10:08:28 AM »
There's no such thing as coincidence, spontaneous rarely is. There are underlying reasons for everything, even when they are unseen. I just wish i were smarter and more capable of deciphering them.

As I read that my first thought was the unprecedented (there's that word again!) campaigning for Hellery being waged from the oval orifice. You know - the shameful intrusion into a contest that is NONE OF THE NIG**** BUSINESS but another something that he just can't leave alone.

Whatever it is, whatever its intention, it falls on deaf ears with the left who are wholly focused on the ends justifying the means.