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Testing, Testing, is this thing on?
« on: November 15, 2016, 11:06:55 PM »
So  in order to avoid thinking about the election, I embarked on another reading of    Dave Sim's' Cerebus. This time around I was sober. I think that helped. Or arguing with my mother and the political events for the last eight years brought it into sharper relief. But I think I finally understood the "Victor Davis " portion of reads.  This was the volume that got him branded as the evil Misogynist.  Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.   As Dave would say in Tangent

In the arena of intellectual opinion, when it comes to these hard questions, asking Dave Sim, “Why do you hate women so much?” is irrelevant when my subject is feminism's lack of sound intellectual footing. It is irrelevant whether I hate women. It is irrelevant whether I love women. It is irrelevant whether I consider women in any emotional context whatsoever, just as – when my question is directed toward feminism's lack of sound intellectual footing – it is irrelevant whether I hate ice cream, whether I love ice cream or whether I consider ice cream in any emotional context whatsoever. All That Is Relevant, when the issue at hand is my contention that feminism lacks a sound intellectual foundation, All That Is Relevant, Germane and/or Pertinent is the intellectual foundation – or lack of same – upon which feminism rests.

so  I would like to present a couple of passages that struck me on this go around...

I’m pointing out to you that we are in the back seat of the car (all of us) .  There is no one in the driver’s seat.  As a matter of fact, the steering wheel fell off a few decades back. The accelerator is glued to the floor.  The doors are welded shut.  We’re going faster and faster and faster. Take Offense, if you will, at my impertinence in pointing this out.  Call me heartless, the cold fish  (believe me, I’m used to it).   Ostracize me and form a worldwide we’re just out for a Sunday drive in the country organization. Print up faster is fun posters.  Hug and kiss each other and feel good about yourselves.  The problem is still there.

Victor Davis asks the reader a question.  What do you think of a woman sleeping with a potential boss to get a job? What do you think of that decision/ action ? There is a wrenching sensation as the reader divides into two separate awarenesses: male reader and female reader.  They regard  one another warily. The male reader says (wisely, instinctively, without thinking)  "Ladies first. "
As if possessed by demons, as if siezed by radiant divinity, a babble of voices erupts from the female reader

It depends on her situation.. has, you know, kids to support or something… husband left her…insecurity and low self-esteem from  having  been oppressed by the patriarchal .. good at the job but no one will give her a chance because she’s a… get off welfare… her only chance to…freedom of choice

No, Viktor Davis says , interrupting. His eyes are locked onto those of the male reader.  Pay Attention , he seems to be saying. This is important.
I’m not talking about the individual woman. I am talking about the act itself. Is it an act of bad faith? Is it wrong? Is it a bad thing to do?

Well, of course, I certainly wouldn’t… it will certainly or maybe….it might cause or people might see it cause… repercussions to everything, aren’t there? … have a wife and kids?  To me, that’s…. really respects and admires him and loves him…. Thinks she loves him…advise  her not to, personally; I mean those kinds of things always… good thing, can’t it? What if she…. It gets around the office and she gets a reputation as ….

No, said Victor Davis patiently. Let’s try it in the form of a mathematical equation. “sexual harassment equals a bad thing to do. Therefore , sleeping with the boss to get a job equals…?

Might have been molested when she was younger, so her response to an authority figure … or a man sleeping with a female boss to get a job. No one would say… or a lesbian, if the boss were a female and a lesbian….

This, said Victor Davis, sweeping his arm in a wide half circle, is the ravine. No bridge, no part of a bridge, can be built here. Nothing can be built here. As he lit his cigarette, there was a noticeable tremor in his hand.

Reason can’t defeat emotion in an argument because in an emotional argument you just go around and around in rhetorical circles until you become happy again, and then the argument is over.

Quite frankly I am considering asking that question about sleeping with the boss to my son's potential mates.  If I don't get an immediate "No, its not okay"  then I know she is trouble.  ( Though I can't help but think there is a similar question which may yield an ever more accurate answer..)  I would expect that the women on this forum have no trouble delivering an absolute no - but then the women on this forum are conservative and used to processing via reason and not via emotion.   Even Dave Sim himself suggests in reads there would be exceptions ( but warns admitting an exception to the ( female)  emotional void  will be   interpreted by the void  to be proof that it is a universal truth.)

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Re: Testing, Testing, is this thing on?
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That will get more common as America devolves.  You already have a thriving, professional sugar daddy industry in America.  Why wouldn't the next step become more common place.