Author Topic: Francis the Braying Mule Spouts Off About Hitler and Trump  (Read 919 times)

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Francis the Braying Mule Spouts Off About Hitler and Trump
« on: January 23, 2017, 07:45:30 AM »

Dear Lord, why did such an insufferable jackass get made Pope?!  This loony tune is a complete fraud!

OK, lemme take this dumbass down one point at a time!

1 - So, socialist popularity of the type that gave us the likes of Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot...who killed millions...and populists like Obama who exposed more innocents to death by terrorist, made us a laughing joke around the globe, killed millions of jobs and families and kept the baby-killing slaughterhouses humming along at one Holocaust every 88 days is good?  You're effing whacked in the head!

2 - You still bad mouth people for wanting to build barriers to keep criminals you sit in your ornate palace behind your high walls, security systems and armed guards?  Up yours, hypocrite!

How foreboding, how non-inclusive!!!  ::pokeineye::

3 - Wait and see?  You already condemned Trump more than once you prevaricating ponce!  Quit being a gutless coward and own up to your socialist utopian ideals...or STFD and STFU!  Wait and see!  Like we did with you, only to see you be a bigger commie rat fraud than people thought?!  You and your ilk have more in common with Hitler than Trump, that's for damn sure!

4 - Talking with your doors only policy?  Man, are you an effing dunce!  Being nice to your neighbor allowed Hitler to snooker Britain and "peace in our time!" Chamberlain!  It allowed Hitler to reach another agreement on paper only with Stalin that let him conquer Europe!  It allowed Hitler to march into Austria without having to expend one bullet!  You take Hitler and shove him up your commie ass, Francis!

Man, does that asshole piss me off!

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