Author Topic: President Wilson and the Administrative State: Power not to the people  (Read 1300 times)

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The more I learn about President Wilson,  the only thing I take from it,  is how he was truly a horrible president, maybe one of the worst. 

Though lately its become more known how he was a virulent racist, even that isn't well known.   He re-segregated the federal government, some of which wasn't undone until the 1960's.   Maybe that would be better known had he been a Republican,  rather then who he was,  a very typical Democrat.

But he had many big government leanings,  along with his world government fantasies.   He also was one of the first progressives who believed they knew better then the voters.  As such,  the voters should be disenfranchised for "professional" civil "servants".   The people who today are the real rulers.   His regime helped set that in motion. 

It's one of the reasons why real conservatives and libertarians have very little success rolling back the administrative state. 

Interesting piece on Wilson.   The book may be an interesting read too.