Author Topic: Another Giant Passes - Don Rickles the "King of Zing" passes at 90  (Read 937 times)

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Former Navy man, good guy...and his comedic start was driven more by his interaction with his audience...and he developed into the insult king of comedy.  The Dean Martin roasts were legendary performances, watching him on Carson...I always got a kick out of Rickles.  Many people didn't get his stick, younger folks probably don't even know who we are talking about.  He was of the no-limits generation, people who dished it out and took it in stride and didn't suffer from the crippling mental disorder of PC-ism.  He's up there with Rodney Dangerfield in my pantheon of great comics.

His role in Kelly's Heroes was custom fit for Don -

R.I.P. Don.

I'll drop my pants and fire off a rocket in tribute!

More good clips -
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Re: Another Giant Passes - Don Rickles the "King of Zing" passes at 90
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Loved him in Kelly's Heroes, "make him a deal-deal!"  Watched a clip of him at a Dean Martin Roast of Governor Reagan; hysterical.

One of the good ones.  RIP, Don.
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Re: Another Giant Passes - Don Rickles the "King of Zing" passes at 90
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One of the best out there!   RIP

The reason why his comedy worked was:  he was ALWAYS joking when he insulted you.  He didn't insult you because he was mean,  angry,  rude, or that he disliked what you did or that he hated you personally.    He was joking about your quirks,  insecurities,  mannerism etc.    And he wouldn't apologize about it either.    Heard from many places that he actually was a very nice guy.  He was even handed,  he would joke about everybody.

Most of today's comics don't get that.  They try to make jokes because their angry, or their trying to promote some agenda.   Rickles had no agenda.   He just joked about the general stupidity of everyday life.

He didn't like the insult comic label much either.   90 a good run!