Author Topic: Jeff Sessions: US is not going after non-criminal illegal immigrants  (Read 773 times)

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How do you like that phrase: "non-criminal illegal aliens"?  Well, I don't think they exist Jeff.  They're all criminals by virtue of being here.  I am not having much patience for this.  This is a rather stark reminder that there is no political solution, and the longer we (the collective we) pretend there is the worse things are going to get.

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Re: Jeff Sessions: US is not going after non-criminal illegal immigrants
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2017, 11:06:51 AM »
I hope that is just for public consumption...

Did you see this?

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement report puts a damper on the argument that sanctuary cities aren’t a problem because they only shield non-violent illegal immigrants.

Sanctuary city proponents often say their policies limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities don’t endanger public safety. As ICE’s latest weekly declined detainer report shows, however, many county and city law enforcement agencies regularly release criminal aliens who have been convicted of violent crimes, including domestic battery and sexual assault.

Read more:

Sanctuary Lie Completely Busted!  As we already knew!

Pretending reality isn't real, doing what doesn't work or make sense...time for that crap is over...

The penalty for refusing to do what is right is upping the violence sure to come...

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Re: Jeff Sessions: US is not going after non-criminal illegal immigrants
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2017, 04:54:08 PM »
There is probably so many illegals out there that have committed other crimes (besides entering),  they have their hands full for the time being.   You do have to start with the worst of them and the low hanging fruit.    And you have to remember,  this is a government operation,  it ain't going to go smoothly.   Especially  when you consider some of our employees will do what they can to gum it up.   

Remember there are millions of people out there spread over the whole country,  probably enough people to equal the population of the Chicago area.    Once that backlog of the worst are done,  they can go after the rest.

Maybe at that point some will have taken the hint and deported themselves.  It would help knowing that real immigration reform is coming.  So that they know if they leave on their own,  they could enter as a legal person later.    Make it so,  that if they leave on their own and have never had negative contact with immigration or law enforcement here,  it won't be held against them.   

No,  that wouldn't be amnesty.   They would have to go home to apply to immigrate.    You wouldn't be able to do it here.  It would have to be back in your home country.    The current system of legal immigration is horrible,  it does encourage coming here illegally.   So change that.    Making sure people coming have green cards (so they can work legally) as they arrive (so they don't have to take under the table jobs to get by) rather then making it a another step.   

My cousins husband was an immigrant, so I know how it goes.   When he got legal status,  he still didn't have a green card,  so he couldn't work.   That is bad policy to have that (not just a US problem either,  Canada does the same dumb thing).     He had left on his own after overstaying a visitor's visa (wasn't ever caught). A lawyer told him if ICE caught him here it would be nearly impossible to ever stay legally (even if married to my cousin).   He thankfully took that advice and went home and started the legal process.    He is now a US citizen.

And yeah,  they are going to fear the negative reporting that happens when they deport someone that "only" broke the law entering.

And getting the most criminal of them out of here will still be success in my book.    That part will always be tough,  as the laws against allowing legal immigration by people with criminal records needs to stand.   We don't need to import criminals.    So those people will alway's try to enter illegally,  as its the only way.    But we could help ourselves by denying even visitor visas to those people so they don't come in as a "tourist".   

Remember too,  most people don't enter illegally over the wall in Mexico (we still need it though).   They come here as "tourists" and then disappear into the population.    The only way to make sure those people leave,  is to check to make sure the plane ticket out is used or not.