Author Topic: When is this E-GOP puke bucket going to croak?  (Read 5478 times)

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Re: When is this E-GOP puke bucket going to croak?
« Reply #60 on: June 07, 2018, 09:31:55 PM »
Just get shovel-ready already!

Eff this straight to Hell!  Eff them straight to Hell!

That's terrible! SNORT.
I should not have laughed.
Is that the same bill he and the gang of 8 and G-dub tried to push through back in '08?  After it went down in flames,  because of the hew and cry from the public,  he tried to run away from it.  Remember during the primary debates Fred Thompson kept calling it an amnesty bill,  and he kept trying to explain,  "No,  no,  it's not amnesty." 

Thompson horse laughed him.  "If it looks like a duck..."

Now that he's got one foot in the grave and nothing else to lose,  he revives that old chestnut.  What a maroon.  A low-life unto death.  Whaddaya wanna bet he leaves yet another stick to poke in our eyes after they plant his wizened old ass?  Can't wait.  I'll be doing the horse laughing then.   ::danceban::

Will not take that bet for any odds.  I'll laugh when I drain my 6-pack by-product on that traitors dirt-bed.
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