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Paul Schrader flick "First Reformed"
« on: September 01, 2017, 07:23:02 AM »
Nobody is ever going to call Paul Schrader's "First Reformed" a feel-good movie, and the legendary screenwriter and director is fine with that.

"If you are hopeful about humanity and the planet you are not paying attention," Schrader said Thursday as he presented his latest writing and directing project at the Venice film festival.

The film turns around the uncheery theme of impending environmental apocalypse (another one?! yawn!) and the question of whether Christians could or should have done more to prevent it (Again?  And once again Islam and Communism get a free pass?!).

"I don't see humanity outliving the century," Schrader told reporters after the drama, which stars Ethan Hawke, as an unexpectedly middle-aged troubled pastor, and Amanda Seyfried, was unveiled.

The dark tale is being tipped as an outside shot for the Golden Lion, the top prize at the world's oldest cinema festival.

Outlining the thinking that lay behind his script, Schrader added: "I have to be honest. I have lived in the magic cone of history, the baby boomer years."

"A life of affluence, a life of leisure, a life of little pestilence, little war. And for that my generation has pretty well screwed the planet for our kids."  (Well, you're a left-wing eco-whacko a-hole...but at least you're trying to be an honest left-wing eco-whacko a-hole!)

I don't have to see your flick pal...I know we're headed for disaster...and it isn't going to be because of some are closer to the mark on your hippie comment!

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