Author Topic: So these 'football prima donna's' are troubled  (Read 918 times)

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So these 'football prima donna's' are troubled
« on: September 26, 2017, 12:36:45 PM »
I was unhappy about their attitudes before, but this book I'm reading [mentioned in 'books reading'] really pisses me off.  If this is true they should be kissing the flag daily -

Prior to Washington taking command of the American forces, this is the price he would pay for failure, according to this book "Killing England". 

And I quote; " High treason is considered the greatest capital crime a man can commit against the King of England.  The punishment is extraordinary, ensuring a slow and hideous death.  It will begin when the accused is tied to a horse and dragged to the gallows.  He will then be hanged by the neck, but cut down before he dies so that he remains alive for what comes next, which is the slicing open of his abdomen and the burning of his intestines as they dangle outside his body.  Only then will this general have his head cut off.  His corpse will then be cut up into four parts, all of which will be delivered to the king.  But the punishment will not end there.  All his lands and monies will be confiscated from this unlucky man's estate.  His wife and children will be forever forbidden from purchasing property of owning a business.  And of course, if the general's wife should also be accused of treason for conspiring with her husband, she will be burned alive".

And these over paid idiots that make millions per year for playing a game are MISTREATED.   With the stupid PC's rules today, my humane punishment for them would be to make them swim to French Frigate Shoals in the Pacific, while chumming the waters.
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Re: So these 'football prima donna's' are troubled
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2017, 06:59:22 AM »
Ahh yes, the old "draw & quarter"...along with dueling something that is sorely needed today to reign in the ignorant impulses of spoiled effing brats never told "no"!

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