Author Topic: Bat **** Crazy Thread: (sorry for the bad language but its the best word for it)  (Read 402 times)

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I don't know about you,  but it seems the bat s*** craziness is just not dying down at all.   Seems like this "culture" war is really heating up.   It's going to be like this the whole eight years of Trump......In fact it will likely get him reelected. 

It's funny to read liberal posts on facebook etc that this is all new,  and that Trump caused it all.   Never mind the last eight years of unwanted bat **** craziness of the former regime.   In that way nothing has changed at the WH.   Its just on the news of the left now.   

So how about a thread about all this nonsense.   It can include both the confederate and NFL cr*p and whatever they go after next.   We can take bets on what will be next in the cross hairs of these insane people.

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Frankly, I want to make my enemies even more batshyt crazy...I want to torment the living shyt out of them...I want to make them cry, scream, vandalize and assault people...I want to expose every single batshyt crazy SOB and make people see who all these effer's really are - the racists, anarchists, fascists, bullies, criminal/illegal/muzzie-ass-kissers and intolerant close-minded terrorists they really are!

If it brings civil what?  I say give them all what they fact overwhelm them and give them more than they can possibly handle!!!

The only sensible peaceful solution out of this is a partitioning of the nation...the batshyt crazy can have the Clinton Archipelago and we can have all of the flyover country...and if one batshyt crazy loser violates our is not just legal to shoot them down, it is mandatory.

But no, there will be no peaceful partition...the batshyt crazy being batshyt crazy as well as terminally selfish will never agree to part with the slightest bit of all psychopathic tyrants they will rather see everything and everybody turned to ash than yield one iota.

So be it.
Irrumabo!  GOP? - Nope. No more. They made their bed, now let them die in it.*
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The hardest thing I've had to do is to attempt to tell men in Asia why I'm not into the NBA.  I don't tell them I absolutely loathe the NBA, but I say I'm just not interested.  One of them now gets it, watching the insanity of the lesser half of America freak out over Trump's dissing of the NFL.

All because leftist "men" are collectively pussies, and can't run an election based on their honest stand on the issues.

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I don't know about you,  but it seems the bat s*** craziness is just not dying down at all.   Seems like this "culture" war is really heating up.   It's going to be like this the whole eight years of Trump......In fact it will likely get him reelected. 

This is still Bush Derangement Syndrome.  They simply cannot handle anyone being in charge that they didn't pick. For them the president leads the Hive, and everyone must belong to the collective! The incredibly stupid and self-destructive acts being taken by the NFL and other institutions are almost inexplicable to me. Don't Sh*t where you eat seems to not apply. Since they get their thoughts from the herd, and  adopt beliefs   to make them belong they fear Trump will give them the wrong beliefs. I mean look at people like us-- where would we have gotten the ideas we hold if not via Trump's Tweets? Why aren't te dumb redneck sportsball  loving hicks not taking instruction from those they admire on the Irongrid and ESPN? (NASCAR is next. You watch)  Those anti-intellectuals who refuse to listen to their betters in the Ivy League?  They are children and they need a parent in charge.. it is exactly what they said when Obama was elected - an adult was back in charge - because children need that.  The only thing they understand is manipulation via media - and the herd mentality for consuming it. The idea that people would simply stop watching sportsball, or cancel Cable over the crap Hollywood produces, or elect a clown like Trump is simply never going to occur to them, and wen those things happen,  it must be some external force that caused it  - people hate the Steelers now because of Villaneuva's lone dissent, the Summer movies bombed because they weren't PC enough, and Trump won because of Russia and fake news.  The Collective is ALWAYS right. Gender is fluid. Global warming will kill us all. 2+2=5.  Antifa tactics are noble. Collective Cause Network says so - and lots of smart people believe it so it must be true.  Ideas spread through the collective like clothing fads spread through the cool kids in high school.

In all this is totally awesome. Its waking up a lot of people who didn't realize who the left really was, making them aware that they condone violence, that they abhor liberty and that it is only a matter of time till you are in the crosshairs for something.  My mother bemoans the conflict and I asked her point blank - then why did you vote for people who cause the conflict? Why do you support people who make the personal and no one else's business the political and everyone's business? As usual, there was no answer.   The herd can provide none. She didn't vote for a reason, she voted to belong.

They  made the personal, political.. They decided you would be made to care,  and that forces people - everyone - the Corporations, the Schools, and families to pick a side.  Libtards can't imagine why we picked the side we did. Don't you want to be cool? Don't you want to belong? Don't you want to abdicate personal responsibly for promises you will be taken care of ? Social Media is a tool they invented to measure popularity and control what ideas spread. Is it any surprise to see them using it that way?

Ultimately these people vote they way they do because they think voting that way is popular. And that is what is causing this ridiculous panic.. those in positions of power over the herd are scared stiff that their chosen ideas will become unpopular, and their ability to wield power and self-righteously bully others along with them.  Hence that steady PC media drum beat, and the constant calls of racist, hater, redneck, the constant attempts to silence through guilt , the overbearing weaponization of the government to punish dissent, the organization of street thugs to prevent opposing views from being spoken. -- Trump drives them nuts because, despite all of his faults,  he is in a position of power , and there is nothing they can do to edit what he says ( that is why he uses Twitter- and I am just waiting for the day they delete his account. That too is coming) , and much of what he says is echoing the normals. OF course the liberals misunderstand this relationship, and assume he is giving the normals their ideas, and they can't understand how the clown has that much influence or why those ideas seem to resonate.

This scene is a metaphor for where we are

The Trump election threw them over the edge and they are trying everything - EVERYTHING - that ever worked for them before, unable to fathom why it is not working now. They are drowning in the counter culture of outsiders they worked so hard to produce. They forced people to pick a side and now enough have picked one - and picked being "deplorable" , they are becoming a solid majority.  Not that that will  change anything. The deep state is too embedded, and Trump really is one of them.. I think his agenda was mostly personal, and what he says is politically motivated vs heartfelt, but largely what happens in the political sphere is irrelevant now.  They are sacrificing what little credability they have left in a desperate gambit to stop a preference cascade.  ( Damn-it, Hoyt might be right about something)  That means empires are falling - the Mainstream  Media, the University system, the NFL and so on and these people are willingly sacrificing  fortunes to do it.

Its that willingness I don't understand...Is the Congressional server filled with pictures of pizza porn with every prominent member of society involved? Do they just live in such an enclosed bubble that not even Trump's election allows them to look outside it and they really think that taking a PC stance will sit well with tier customers? How could you own a NFL team and not fire these people the first day they try this crap, much less bully the whole team into doing it.  DIrectTV is loosing subscribers.. how many people only have Directv or cable to watch sportsball? And if they destroy sportsball, aren't they cancelling the bread and circuses they rely on to keep people distracted?  The strategy and Tactics make no sense here, so I think it really has risen to the level of panic. They are starting to sense that many no longer care if others think us deplorable, or hateful, or racist.  We chose to not belong, and all that comes with it, because we value individual  freedom more. Now most can't articulate  that. They just know that Trump says what they were already thinking, and it validates it for them..

And Not that this will get solved politically or peacefully. This will end up with violent clashes  as the deep state starts sacrificing its credibility and tipping its hand. These people, if they can't have control, may very well go scorched earth. So bio-weapons, EMP, or tactical nukes are still on the table. It all depends on if they realize they have lost before we secure those switches from them ..Their arrogance should be fostered and protected for this reason.

 There will be a Civil war, and it is going to be very very bloody and reduce our population by half ( I am looking at you city dwellers) -- but I suspect the cities will be the focus of their efforts - you will see the lockdown in Boston happen in every liberal city as they retreat to tier enclaves of power- after all no one who matters lives outside of a city. ( ever hear National news about any city without a sportsball team?)  - what they will do in rural areas is anyone's guess. It could be very bad, it could be nothing. Interesting times. Plan accordingly.