Author Topic: Why term limits are needed: Hatch to retire, CNN annoints Romney to replace  (Read 631 times)

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Hatch to retire,  CNN and other lamestreamers anoints Romney (only because he doesn't like Trump) to replace him.   Lame.........

I hate how these long term politicians are celebrated for their too long stay.   Hatch is the longest "serving" Republican in the Senate.   He has held the seat since 1977!  I was 3 years old at the time (44 now).

No one should have more then one term in the senate.   Had he only served one term,  he would have left office in what,  1985!  1985!!!!!

Every long term congresscritter is a good example for term limits.  The longer your there,  the worse you get. 

 I am for very strict term limits.   No more then one term in any federal office.  Including the president, senate and house.  And a lifetime limit of 10 years.   And you cannot go over for any reason.  You want to be a senator but only have two years left?   You can run,  but only hold office for two years,   and you are responsible for the entire cost of the special election (must be raised before running) to replace you for the last four years.   

All former office holders are prohibited for life from ANY public sector job either elected or not.  And also prohibited from any private sector job that includes any government agencies (at any level) as a client.  Also prohibited from any lobbying for at least 10 years after leaving office.  Residency in DC and it's suburbs is prohibited for 10 years as well.  You are required to return to the state that elected you for at least one year after leaving office.

There should also be NO retirement funds nor any benefits post office,  you cannot be called by your former office name either.  Also pay during office holding should be less the 30k a year,  and your required to live in the office (like a few congressmen actually do,  most offices don't even need anything done, most have restrooms and even showers).   

Basically make being a public office holder not very attractive.  You will want to leave at the end of your term.  We make it very comfy for these leeches to stay where they are.  That has to end.

Also restrictions on relatives.   You cannot hold an office once held by a grandparent, parent, or any family less then at least third cousins.   We cannot have anymore Kennedy or Bush family dynasties.  Politics should NEVER be the family "business".    Politics should never be a lifetime career.

Lobbying as a career should also be banned.  Also most federal public sector jobs should be limited to a decade as well,  to prevent power from moving more into the bureaucracy.     

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Let's not forget the career bureaucrats and the staffs.  Five years and out.
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I want across the board employment at will...meaning if I don't want you there is no grace period, your ass is gone!  If I want to unilaterally downsize, your gone!  No effing public union, no redress...just pack your sh*t and get out the door!

And in addition to term limits, I want universal referendum to kick out of office!  Obviously Red Team and Blue Team are incapable of kicking deadwood out, so we the people need to do that!  Soon as a majority says piss off, they're out!

But this is all just philosophical masterbation!  None of this will every fly in this latter day republic in name only!
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