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Some American Colony history trivia

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Tired of all the crap on the TV and radio - he said, she said; --  so a little fun --

Who was the last living passenger of the Mayflower that came to the New World, landing in 1620 ?

Was another ship coming with them ?

What was  the Mayflowers captains name ?

Can we use google? ::facepalm::

Going off the top of my head...which is a little flat and maybe soggy...

Wasn't a child (maybe more than one?) born on the trip over?  Has to be somebody like that, eh?

And there was a second ship...the Speedwell?  I think that might be right.

Right on second ship, but after leaving for the it had to turn back due to problems.  It had been fitted with larger sails and it couldn't handle them, plus some say the crew lied about the problems, since they didn't want to make the long voyage ?
The numbers question was a trick question - it was the same in number - one died, one born.
The Mayflower captain was Christopher Jones

Way to go Libertas ; next

Who became the oldest living that came over aboard the Mayflower ?

What country were the Calviists living in that crossed over on the Mayflower.Where did the passengers land prior to ending up in the Plymouth area ?

Where did the passengers land prior to the Plymouth area ?

Just for who cares information - this dummy wanted something to do, so I settled on another research project.  Have made yearly calendars for every year from 1585 to 2025, and trying to find every notable event, birth and death - in that time period of American History, which will include my family history.  Found something of interest to me at least while working on some things concerning the Pilgrims, -- My sisters first husband was a Congregational Minister, whose first Church in Massachusetts and built in 1694 and is still standing and used. After spending 4 1/2 - 5 years researching the presidents for my grandkids [since history isn't hardly taught anymore] I thought maybe I'd try to put together American history, and the people involved.  Since some of the grandkids used my information in school, it gave me some justification,--  Just hope I live long enough...I put a note on future years, 2018 -2025 " If it's Gods will' ... Sorry for being so long winded...

Oldest?  I'm drawing a blank.

Calvinists were hiding out in Holland I think.

I recall something of a Virginia Colony territory landing...was that this group?  1619?

And in Massachusetts bay area...they landed out on whatever that long peninsula thingy is called...Cape Cod?

Recall a first run in with indigenous peoples there, and they camped out a bit while the intrepid menfolk went exploring...eventually selecting the Plymouth site for the colony.  If I recall there is a little stream/brook going through there...

Pretty cool to visit that, and the rest of the history in the area - freedom trail & North Church, Revere's house, Bunker & Breed's Hill, etc...USS over to Lexington & Concord...


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