Author Topic: Another One Begging for Attention as Idiot Du Jour - Michigander Dana Nessel  (Read 429 times)

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The stupid runs deep in this one...

One candidate’s idea to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace would be to elect women only.

“Who can you trust most not to show you their penis in a professional setting? That would be the candidate who doesn’t have one,” said Dana Nessel, who is hoping to be nominated as the Democratic candidate for Michigan’s Attorney General.

Wow...cue that old "Jane, you ignorant slut!" SNL clip...and change "Jane" to "Dana"!

First - Not all men go about flashing their penis about you ignorant twit!  That is almost exclusively an Establishment Elite Douchebag and Democrat-dominated moral failing that you are obvious in denial about!

Second - Your idiotic scam to garner votes from equally ignorant women and piss-pants beta-males infesting the Democrat ranks is only going to fool the core of your party...and those stupid SOB's would already vote for even the most loathsome creature Hell could spit out as the Democrat all you are doing is announcing your ignorance and pissing off real men and intelligent women.

Third - I and most everybody else doesn't want to see anybody's penis flashed at us...nor do we want to see your angry clitoris!

In closing...please bleep off and effing die you psychotic man-hating succubus!  ::vafancoul::
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She's a Democrat.  What else is there to say.
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