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6 hard truths for Millennials
« on: January 26, 2018, 06:20:12 PM »
Can't remember if I posted this before. but had to go looking for it again today so hopefully I can find it here when needed again

Features some fun hard facts, like Girls like guys who can do stuff in addition to listen, Baldwin Always be Closing, and be the fruit ....

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Re: 6 hard truths for Millennials
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2018, 07:36:04 AM »

  This guy is FOS he compares an axe head to a mouse and claims that the people that supplied the materials to make the mouse are not capable of making the mouse?  So what the hell does that have anything to do with anything? I say that the guy that designed the mouse is sh*t without the materials to make his mouse.

  They may be more important then the guy that designed the mouse and the people thar make the mouse are more important than he is.

   The axe head was created by the same person the thought it up. He claims that being self sufficient isn't as good a the collective that ended up with the blasted mouse. I say bullsh*t to that. Being self sufficient is better way to go.

  Now that Glenn gary Glenn  Ross scene that Baldwin made famous is one that I have seen for years by all kinds of Mgrs that I have had in my life.  Not one of them lasted in my business very long doing that to people that work for him. The truth is that any salesman works for himself and his family. I started at age 20 and by 21 had a wife and kid to support that was more pressure that he could ever put on me.  By 24 I had 2 kids and by 30 I had my first home, now does anybody need him to figure out that he had to produce not for him(Baldwin) but for his family.

  I out lasted all those assholes! I worked for the same dealership for 30+ it took the 25 years to get to take a managers job cause I didn't need the political bullsh*t in my life and I was making almost as much money as they were and not because of some no talent idiot that used that bullsh*t scene in a bullsh*t movie that had it all back words.

  The secret in my business is and was to have staying power and a management team that taught by example and taught you how not to make the same mistake over and over (Baldwin) taught nothing he just used what he knew and that was pure pressure and all that does is make people that do produce to leave and take what they know with them.

  I trained more people that were new to the business but when I was done they understood the business from the ground up and actually went on the become my managers.
  Now as for all the snow flakes I worked with failed for that everybody gets a trophy attitude. No mental toughness to power through a problem or try to solve it on their own or even ask for help.
  Pressure isn't going to help them in any way shape or form all they do is cave in and fail over and over.  I had one that had only been there six weeks and was upset because he felt that he got no recognition from management.

  When said that to me my first question was "what have you done to deserve recognition"? All he could do was stare at me with a blank lost look on his face. So to help him out I asked if he thought that just coming to work was enough or coming back from lunch should be recognized as an achievement?  Again blank so I went on and on with stupid example till he got pissed and walked away and one of the other sales people heard him calling me an asshole under his breath.

  The other sales person asked the snow flake why he was mad at me and the answer was " he hurt my feelings" at which point he told the kid that what I did was educate him and that the lesson was a waste of my time.  The only recognition for sales people comes on Friday.   Can you imagine putting real pressure on that kid?

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Re: 6 hard truths for Millennials
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2018, 10:58:53 AM »
Is that Limey paid to blather like that?   ::speechless::


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Re: 6 hard truths for Millennials
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2018, 09:59:28 AM »
Greatest scene in movies my ass. I could never get past what a corksoaker baldwin is