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Retaliation on the history ethnic cleansers


I could stand seeing a lot more of this...

There will be a suit, the Legislature will lose.

It's a prelude...a marker for a future ass-whuppin'...


--- Quote from: Pandora on April 21, 2018, 12:35:10 PM ---There will be a suit, the Legislature will lose.

--- End quote ---

You're probably right,   but maybe not.

When the city made its intentions known about removing the statues,  the legislature either passed a law,  or invoked an existing one,  forbidding them.  (Something about not doing it to historical monuments on public property without approval of the legislature,  or something like that.)

The city devised an underhanded plan to circumvent that--selling the park/land they were on to a private entity for $1. 

Also in the park,  if not mistaken,  Forrest's burial site and that of his wife.  They're next,  if not gone already. 

Forrest,  who ran a slave trading business in Memphis before the war,  would probably approve.  I don't think he held the folks who now run (overrun) Memphis in very high regard.  I don't think I'd care to be in their midst either,  dead or alive. 


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