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UT-Austin 'MasculinUT' Ad Campaign Treats Masculinity as a Mental Illness

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At the University of Texas at Austin, the Counseling and Mental Health Center has discovered a terrible new scourge afflicting men: MASCULINITY.

--- Quote ---There is nothing masculine about the person in that poster. Nothing at all. I’m not trying to pick on the person, but I am simply not 100 percent sure whether he or she is male or female. Is this what the school is attempting to teach? Masculinity actually means "androgyny"?

Not according to this next hard-to-believe-it’s-real poster:
--- End quote ---

You have to go read it all --- and see the other posters.

The administration/people pushing this lunacy are UNsane.

John Florida:
  I would bet that there's a gay man involved in this crap.  The educational system started these kids at an early age and now they want them to use the girls bathroom.  Those that buy in to this are going to be eaten alive and die alone or marry a woman with balls.

Pablo de Fleurs:
Hmm . . . it's increasingly illegal (NJ & CA) to offer counseling to f@ggots - even if they ASK for help out of that sordid/fetid/perverse lifestyle - yet naturally occurring male-ness is an issue that needs counseling.

Additionally, I read an article this week that says female athletes who have naturally high levels of testosterone in their bodies, must reduce it medically if they want to compete on a world/Olympic stage - OR compete against men only. Yet male transgender freakazoids may compete against women according to the the sports gender laws.

--- Quote ---Isaiah 5:20 20
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
--- End quote ---

I long for the return of the days when skin-heads roamed Christopher street in Manhattan - with baseball bats & a target on these fetid perversions of our citizen population.
And I pray that AIDS & HIV rake & ravage their communities & that new strains break out for which there is zero cure.

Sorry for the rant; my, uhm . . . testicles got the better of me.  ;)

Another case illustrating the need for man-spreading, man-splaining and all manner of male genetalia displaying and territorial behaviors...

Alpha's be Alpha's...prancing beta's be prancing beta's....

Same for Women and Wymenz!

They want Tribalism?  Give them a face full!

Uncovering mental pathology is like exposing racism:  You can make a case for it in any situation.

Territorial?  They're trying to take over the culture - while calling us "territorial."


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