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Memorial Day 2018
« on: May 28, 2018, 10:05:34 AM »
United States Coast Guard on the "WALL"
LT (O3) Jack Columbus Rittichier, * (CG Exchange pilot with 37th ARRS ?à N?ng) killed when aircraft hit by A/A, crashed and burned 9 June, 1968. Body not recovered. Panel 58W Line 014.
 LTJG (O2) David Charles Brostrom, (Patrol Boat Commanding Officer) killed in a Friendly Fire incident when his Coast Guard Cutter was straffed by US Air Force aircraft on 11 August, 1966. Panel 09E Line 126.

EN2 (E5) Jerry Phillips, (Patrol Boat Crewman) killed in Friendly Fire incident alongside LTJG Brostrom, when his Coast Guard Cutter was straffed by US Air Force aircraft, 11 August, 1966. Panel 09E Line 128.

FN (E3) Heriberto Sedgovia Hernandez, (Patrol Boat Crewman) killed when his cutter's small boat was attacked in a canal, on 5 December, 1968. Panel 37W Line 046.

ENC (E7) Morris Sampson Beeson, (Patrol Boat Engineering Officer) Assasinated on 22 March, 1969. Panel 28W Line 008.

LTJG (O2) Michael Ward Kirkpatrick, (Patrol Boat Commanding Officer) died of wound received when 81mm mortar/50cal main weapon exploded due to loading accident on 8 August 1969. Panel 20W Line 119.

EN1 (E6) Michael Harris Painter, (Patrol Boat Crewman) died of wounds received alongside LTJG Kirkpatrick, on 8 August, 1969. Panel 20W Line 115.

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Re: Memorial Day 2018
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2018, 08:14:23 AM »
Currently 58,318 listed on the memorial as of Memorial Day 2017.

USCG casualties are counted among the 2,556 USN on The Wall, as in wartime service they fall under that command.

By Branch:

Army - 38,179
Marines - 14,836
Air Force - 2,580
Navy - 2,556

While the Army leads in number they also had a larger pool to draw from, so statistically their casualty rate was 2.7% compared to the Marines 5.0%...add in wounded and it is 9.5% for the Army and 22.5% for Marines.  Overall 10% for all who served.  The KIA include 8 women, 7 Army and one Air Force.

I'm sure people have seen this before -

Search reveals this  -

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Re: Memorial Day 2018
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