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Live Performance Mixer Expertise needed


My Sons school has budgeted $3000 for a mixer .. and they asked me what I would like to see - because I am the one editing the DVDs of performances together
( all we had on the last performance was the sound from the in-audience cameras)

They have a combination of wireless mics with receivers and hard wired mics, and probably need a 16 -24 channel mixer in the end.
This is largely be stage performances and musicals mixing a pre-recorded sound track/special effects scores  with actors voices.

I am thinking something like this would fit the bill
( I am assuming any money we save on the mixer could go to buying more wireless mic packs which they really need)

But.. I know I have some musicians here who may have an opinion about this brand or what I should really be pushing for.

Alphabet Soup:
That mixer is pretty impressive. I auditioned a bunch of brands after having owned a Peavey 12 channel for 18 years (I definitely think I got my money's worth out of it!).

I own a Carvin 16 channel board. They use first-rate components and are rock solid dependable. I believe that I spent about the same for it.

If you possibly can, spend some time running one through its paces to see if it delivers as promised. Carvin gave me 30 days to try theirs out (I was sold the first time I tried it).

Good luck!


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