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Bilderberg Cabal
« on: June 07, 2018, 09:00:10 PM »

Here, let me help...

Bilderberg Agenda – My view of their view:
1. Populism in Europe – Sucks, all these anti-Establishment (us Elites!) and their anti-open border, anti-Islamic anti-corruption nonsense is really ruining our parade!
2. The inequality challenge – How to make more serfs and solidify leadership positions (us).
3. The future of work – More robots, less people…people, especially the rabble, really stink.
4. Artificial intelligence – See above, the rabble can’t think for sh*t and resent us thinking properly for them, so obviously artificial people we can totally control is like the Holy Grail, man!
5. The U.S. before midterms – How do we unf**k America?  Goddamned Trump is not falling to the botched DeepState coup attempt and is in fact succeeding and being as defiant as ever.  We have to have George pour in more money and see if we can buy some political opposition to slow this SOB down!
6. Free trade – Trump is screwing us with this Fair Trade stuff…the Globalist Empire needs to strike back!
7. U.S. world leadership – Needs to be derailed, Trump is really making life hard on us, the International Cabal needs to turn up the heat.
8. Russia – We need to do more to get people to hate these schmucks…it cannot be China, they are too good a Globalist conspirator to piss off…all others lack scale.
9. Quantum computing – Will help with AI and replacing biological gnomes with silicon-based gnomes and allow us to control the entire information and financial flow of the planet.  See “global domination”.
10. Saudi Arabia and Iran – We need these two to start shooting at each other if the Russia distraction continues to go to sh*t!
11. The "post-truth" world – How do we bridge the information control gap between now and the advent of new technology and AI?  The mainstream media may be ours to manipulate but they can be unreliable at times and incompetent most other times.  Can’t believe we are stuck with these morons!  We need to find new blood with nominal popularity to exploit so we can buy some time and bullsh*t our way through the next several years.
12. Current events – What are they?  We are an out of touch bunch, because really, what the f**k do we have in common with the rabble?
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