Author Topic: More calls for an Article V Convention  (Read 338 times)

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More calls for an Article V Convention
« on: August 13, 2018, 09:49:21 AM »

As you can see we here at IAL have had numerous discussions on this topic and we, I think, are in general agreement that an Article V Convention is the best route, and as always I have to ask my question - CMY (Critical Mass Yet)?  As a state's balance of political power changes, so do their support of various Amendments...those would all have to be sorted out.

And I favor the Liberty Amendments of Mark Levin, 90-95% anyway.

Reprinting my previous critique of them:

Re: Liberty Amendments (l had to grab my book for better recall) l had an issue with:

1) Bureaucracy - l would go beyond the Joint Committee, I think non-Critical departments and agencies (those not involving national security and foreign affairs) should be answerable only to Congress, the Executive could name an advisor to consult policy and administrative affairs, but officers must report to and be accountable to the people through their representatives, the Congressional delegation to Committees could incorporate this into their existing scope and the amendment would need to limit acts to increase size, scope, personnel, etc to a 3\5 vote in the full House & Senate.  The critical departments would retain their current configuration but with more Congressional consent weighted than the advice (drive by briefing) role.  Job number one paring down the bureaucracy drastically.

2) Private property - l would go further, create a process that each step puts the burden of need on the governments compelling interest so that the rights of private property are respected more.

3) Voting - Again l would go further and establish more precise requirements, more transparency in the process, harsh consequences for fraud, and a more limited in scope recount process and maybe even stakeholder requirement that only net taxpayers be allowed to vote.

4) Something has to be done about the Fed and monetary policy and banking.

Obviously a valid ID for #3 or you just opted to disenfranchise your own dumb ass, or admitted to being ineligible per OUR laws!

I favor the effort...even if it is only a final peaceful attempt to prove there are no more peaceful means left to those of us who jealously and defiantly to the death cherish our God-given Liberty to stop the march to total subjugation.

So say we all.
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