Author Topic: U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman cites Federalism in Federal FGM case  (Read 337 times)

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A Reagan guy.


What allows Federal interference in ANY case?!  A little late for Federalism, isn't it?  So if states can allow or criminalize FGM they can allow rape or murder too?  Why is kidnapping a Federal offense, where's the compelling interest there?

Seriously, we are in the f**ked-up world of Progressive here-today-gone-tomorrow situational whimsy that has former good Federalism and laws working as hard against us as the moonbat-driven incremental expansion of state power and pulled-out-of-the-ass activist chicanery!

We are f**ked every way possible.

Fortunately, this will increase division and apathy and contribute to the breakup of this state...what's one more knife wound in a dying carcass?

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