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State of the US Navy
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:30:04 AM »
This is painful for me to read.

But the cause (over-extension) is not a surprise, nor should the cure be a mystery - we need to disengage from being the protectors of areas not in our interest.  Like NATO where Europe can stand or fall on its own, we've carried them enough, in Africa where we have no strategic interest, in the Middle East (especially Syria) where we need not be on the ground.  We should be looking to protect our territory and the sea lanes that move our commerce, period.  And this isn't just the Navy, but the other branches too and whom many rely on Navy logistics.  The problem is solvable but the will is long as the Establishment calls the shots the situation will deteriorate more.  We do not need to police everywhere or lend aid to those that hate us.  It should all stop but I am resigned it will not.
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