Author Topic: Thanks to MN Dhimmi's the Little Mogadishu section of Minneapolis is #1 US hive  (Read 363 times)

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It is not a mistake that the notorious anti-Semite and pro-Islamic terrorist incest-practicing Omar represents this area...Keith the Muslim Ellison represented it too.  Proving that if you put a "d" as party affiliation MN Dhimmi's will love you no matter how evil and vile you are.

And this is the latter-day heavily politicized progressive/statist FBI saying this sh*thole is the most fertile Islamic terrorist recruiting soil in the entire nation.

And that POS just ran off to raise money for CAIR to cover more Islamic radicalization recruitment and the attendant misinformation campaigns behind it as well as to gin up more hate for Jews and Trumpers and kick back some funds to POS like this inbred Ameriphobe!

Cedar-Riverside should be carpet-bombed and napalmed!

One poster at WZ had a similar response...

Nothing malicious...just an oops, that one got away from us...won't happen again...
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