Author Topic: Polar Bears Thriving...all the Polar Bear Deniers have is lies and insults  (Read 270 times)

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See how being in a rigid cult makes people devoid of normal human cognitive function and turns them into dangerous psychotic creatures filled with hate?
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There's . . . LITERALLY, a new entrepreneurial opportunity for Polar Bears. Two enterprising bears out of Antarctica, have begun a Genuine Polar Ice delivery service. I get a  monthly shipment & I'm telling you these bears couldn't be nicer or more professional. One of 'em told me he's grooming his son & daughter to develop global franchising rights to what has become a thriving family enterprise!

I mean, heck; if CNN can post bullsh*t as news . . . why not any one of us??  ;D
2 Timothy 1:7
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So that's why Cubex doesn't sell dry ice there any longer