Author Topic: Media Demonizes Trump and Trump supporters, gets called on it, bitches some more  (Read 324 times)

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The Media who screams "Destroy Trump" 24/7/365 and gets butthurt over being called on it, doubles, triples and quadruple-downs on it...has seen their Fake News generate ever shrinking ratings and evaporating public trust...ratchet up another batch of hate of Trump, Trump supporters and anybody saying the slightest favorable thing about Trump or Trump supporters...gets called on it again...and they piss and moan about that and blame that on Trump and Trump supporters...

...they are incurable psychopathic lunatics!

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer et al all weaponized the media...and the whole batch can enjoy the harvest they've planted!

The press has hounded many Presidents...none as viciously as Trump...while gobbling up every nugget coming out of Obama's ass...and they wonder why people loath them?

Incurable psychopathic lunatics.

The "childlike fascism" and "demented narcissism" of Dem's and the Goebbels Media and National-Socialist Media and crony capitalists who do their bidding and weaponize institutions (Including but not limited to banks weaponized to target political enemies!) and spur the "Generation Wuss" types to demonstrate their butthurtness on streets and campuses is the Number One Hate Generator on the planet (discounting the Stananic Hoard of Allah and his he-bitch Mohammad).

Terms courtesy of Bret Easton Ellis

Own it, fascist bitches!
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