Author Topic: Google CEO: YouTube Targeting ‘Content Which Doesn’t Exactly Violate Policies"  (Read 63 times)

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Begin?  Pah!  Continue more like it!  Zeig Heil!!!

Aching for BITS they are...realize the pain coming for them they don't.

Hey, look?!  Another attention-seeking fascist!

Anyway...that tome isn't worth a cheap roll of asswipe...and any threat from this bed-wetting fascisti is like having a toddler toss their binky at you.

And besides...I didn't know Conservative Media was in power let alone allowed to speak...there is just one political side censoring, black-listing, shadow-banning, demonizing and harassing others not of their ilk...

...and just wait until the righteous fire of Liberty catches all their asses!!!


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  • I iz also makin a list. U on it pal.
Tick tock, indeed ............
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