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Tropical Storm Irene
« on: September 02, 2011, 12:08:00 AM »

When is a hurricane not a hurricane?  Well, when it doesn’t blow 64 knots (33 m/sec, 74 mph), because then it’s only a tropical storm. ...

So, despite looking at Irene before, during, and after both landfalls, there is no hint of a hurricane anywhere. By the time it got to New York the eye of the storm had dissipated, what was left were huge bands of rain clouds.


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Re: Tropical Storm Irene
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2011, 12:18:16 AM »
Hellooooooooooo, calling rickl.

In this case, it appears that people got so wrapped up in the question of the winds, and the fear of the winds, that they overlooked what actually made Irene unusual. This was not the wind speed, but the size of the storm. Combined with Irene’s generally slow movement over the ground, Irene’s huge dimensions meant that any given area would get rained on for a really, really long time.

And in turn that meant that the cities and towns along the coast, the ones receiving all of the attention from the fear of high winds and attendant storm surges, weren’t the towns in danger. Unlike the coastal cities, the vast expanses inland were not able to have the rainwater just flow back into the ocean. Inland, the water piled up and overflowed the banks.

And so, because of the overestimation of the wind speeds, our attention was diverted from the real threat. Because of the claimed hurricane-force winds, a storm surge up to eight feet was predicted in New York Harbor. But in the event, the storm surge was barely three feet, a non-event … and meanwhile, New England was getting badly flooded.

So the moral to me is, honesty is the best policy for a National Weather Service. Don’t exaggerate the possible effects to be on the “safe side”, don’t minimize the possible effects. Just give us the best information you have, and let us make up our own minds. As Sergeant Friday used to say … “Just the facts, ma’am” …

My inestimable thanks, CO.
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Re: Tropical Storm Irene
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2011, 07:53:38 AM »
"honesty is the best policy"

How moralistic!  Reeks of the pew!  Separation of church & state!  Separation of church & state!   ::slapfight::

OK the libiot dream (nightmare) channeling is over.

Honesty in reporting, when people and property are at stake is the bare minimum we should all demand!
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