Author Topic: Retired 3-star general: Women’s groups, gay lobby apologists for the Muslims  (Read 687 times)

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Retired 3-star general: Women’s groups, gay lobby ‘apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood’
Published: 4:16 AM 03/24/2012

Retired 3-star general William Boykin told The Daily Caller that Sharia law, if implemented in some parts of America, would threaten the rights of gays and women — two groups whose advocacy groups have defended the Muslim Brotherhood.
“The left has become apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood — that includes not only the gay and lesbian movement, but it includes the women’s movement,” Boykin told TheDC’s Ginni Thomas. “It includes the Marxists. It includes the environmentalists.”
But Islamists would immediately turn and attack gays and women, Boykin warned, if they were to set up their own underground justice system to arbitrate Sharia law — as they have already done in parts of England and France

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They *think* "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".  And, for now, they are.  I suspect the homosexual and women's groups believe they will be able to control and direct the forces of sharia once unleashed; they're counting on retaining favored status with the courts.  What they're missing is that more 'slims in the judiciary will rearrange the order of "protected" groups.
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What it boils down to is the "soft bigotry" of overeducated white urban liberals.  Every time they express some inane solidarity with groups like this, it's basically them flaunting their moral vanity by showing how magnanimous they must be to have taken up these various brown peoples' causes as their very own.

The idea that they can somehow control the revolution brought about by their alliances comes from the same sort of soft bigotry. They in so many words are saying they'll always remain in control of things due to their innate moral and intellectual superiority.  What's the story about feeding the crocodile?
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