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Re: Wow. Just Wow.
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Cool, thanks guys!   ::thumbsup::
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Re: Wow. Just Wow.
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My deceased uncle was a major league HAMmie, and after he retired, he bought a warehouse full of vacuum tubes to supply his hobby and his buddies. He turned it into one of the Internet's first online vacuum tube suppliers, and when I found out about it, I started getting all tubes for my guitar amps from him, and turned my guitar playing buddies onto him as well. He had EVERYTHING - Sylvania, Svetlana, GE, Philips, US military surplus, Soviet military surplus...

He had a pretty thriving business going, and then got cancer. It was just him and my aunt and one other employee filling the orders every day, so when he went down, my aunt tried to carry on for a while, but she didn't have a passion for it, and they decided to liquidate the business. Just like that, they sold all their inventory and closed up, and my inside source for tubes dried up in an instant.

Then when he died, he passed his extensive HAM setup on to his son, who sold it all piecemeal. Wish he woulda bequeathed it to me, but I was far down the list.
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