Author Topic: A Philosophy question for our little obituaries section  (Read 782 times)

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A Philosophy question for our little obituaries section
« on: January 16, 2013, 10:02:50 AM »
How bad to you have to suck at life, to not even be the lead name in your own obituary?


Yes, the high point of this unemployed(able) loser's life was becoming a certified Michele Bachmann stalker. 

You know, Bachmann is a classy enough woman to send flowers to this guy's funeral...and mean it.  Just imagine the hilarity that would ensue, among this guy's friends in the Simian-American Community.

Good Riddance.

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Re: A Philosophy question for our little obituaries section
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2013, 11:25:32 AM »
Man, does that rancid link suck to load!

(Typical MFM site)

Wow, and being lauded by City Pages...not every faggot can earn that honor!   ::hysterical::

Crazy dead libtard - "At some point, someone's got to be held accountable," he said. "You can't just let people get away with it all the time. If there was an issue, I wouldn't let go until somebody was held accountable."

Familiar with Barack Hussein Obama, asshole?

His hate-guns/love-kids presser was a tour-de-force of "getting away with it all the time" if there ever was one, stupid dead bastard!


Say "Hi" to Ted Kennedy for us, OK?!

Irrumabo!  GOP? - Nope. No more. They made their bed, now let them die in it.*
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