Author Topic: Oh, the horror. Ravens use "military style Humvees" in victory parade.  (Read 2644 times)

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Re: Oh, the horror. Ravens use "military style Humvees" in victory parade.
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As a HUGE pro football fan several years ago, I remember parts of this incident.

Lewis could be a case of hanging with the wrong people at the wrong time. They had just won the Super Bowl. I don't buy he was just the average football player after 3 years of his career....he won the Super Bowl and had been All pro two of his first 3 years, not necessarily a player buried on a depth chart.

I hated to jump on this subject, but most people bring things upon themselves. I still remember his interview with Shannon Sharpe, lamenting how God doesn't use people who kill...and the families of those who lost a loved one don't understand, or something to that effect. I remember it as very bizarre. Not to mention I don't believe the clothing Lewis wore that nite has ever been recovered and if i'm not mistaken the two he testified against were aquitted. So like OJ, there is a supposed "killer" still on the loose.

 I hope Ray Lewis has turned his life around....... because I also could make a case God doesn't use people who have 6 kids by 4 different women.
You have the years reversed Don. The Ravens won the SB in 2001 for the 2000 season. The Atlanta Incident took place During SB party January 2000 for the 1999 season. That's why everyone was so freaked out the following season. The trial was in 2000 in the off season.

I don't buy the "nobody in Ray's party killed" thingy but then nobody fingered anyone now did they. If Ray witnessed it or knew the killer personally, only God knows for sure who is to blame. One thing for sure, the people he hung out with back then were scum. Rod Woodson help turn him around in that respect and Ray owes him much for his dedication and help.

Right....he was just there for the party. He had been an all pro player for two years. It is only my personal opinion, but when your white suit cannot be found, your homies are acquitted, an interview borders on bizarro and your spitting out kids with different women, you are not telling the whole truth or living the wholesome life you want everyone to believe.
I'm not always engulfed in scandals, but when I am, I make sure I blame others.