Author Topic: Pali's don't like Israeli "island" idea for dealing with Gaza shipments  (Read 906 times)

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I think this is a brilliant idea, but of course the Pali's hate it, so Foggy Bottom (Hilary!) and Duh Wun will hate it also.

Too bad...
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Of course they'll hate it . It makes too damned much sense !   ::angry::

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Is this not amazing?  The Israelis are willing to do for the Palis what they won't do for themselves, nor will any other Arab country; this solution freeing Gaza to grow and prosper and Israel from having to police them in this way and they're BITCHING!!  As though it's being done TO them instead of FOR THEM!
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There is no desire whatsoever on the part of "Palestinians" Arabs, or Muslims anywhere to solve the problems between Israel and its neighbors. Common sense solutions run counter to their goals.
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Push them into the sea and just call it a day!
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I was very disappointed with the Israelis.
The headline led one to believe they were going to build the Pali's an island on which to live; probably based on ideas from the Emirates and Japan's constructions, that they would vacate the mainland.  Not so.  Very disappointing, indeed.

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I was thinking the Israelis would build an island for themselves. Within 10 years they'd make it into productive land and the Arabs would be whining about how they stole it from Allah's own seafloor.
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