Author Topic: What's the best weapon for home defense?  (Read 5741 times)

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Re: What's the best weapon for home defense?
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 My CCP instructor recommended we consider avoiding laser sights for exactly that reason, and suggested that between the two, he prefers a flashlight over a laser because of the momentary blinding of your target. Unless you're prepared to pull the trigger the moment your sight comes to rest on target, you're giving away your location and your advantage with a laser or a flashlight.

Since it would be unwise (if not illegal) to simply fire on a dark figure, even if it's a stranger in your home in the middle of the night, you will  need to identify your target before pulling the trigger.  Light or laser?  Why not both?  Take a look at the S&W M&P (comes as 9mm, 40S&W 45ACP or 357) with the Crimson Trace laser grip LG660 plus the Lightguard LTG-760 (due out May, 2011).  The laser is actuated by pressure on the back of the grip/backstrap and the button for the light is in front of the trigger guard.  Check it out:   A great combo giving you the best of both worlds.  I'm expecting my LTG-760 any day now.