Author Topic: Country singer Mindy McCready, suicide  (Read 697 times)

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Country singer Mindy McCready, suicide
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:42:35 AM »
I've been a country music fan since the mid 90's, so I know who this chick is. In retrospect it seems like she was flash-in-the-pan, but she did have a string of hits and her debut album sold almost 2 million copies, so she was a bona fide star for a time. At one time she was engaged to Dean Cain from "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman."

I happened to catch a few episodes of the train-wreck "reality" show "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" and she was as addiction damaged as anyone I ever saw throughout my short time working in addiction recovery.

The video linked at Fox News is from 2010 when she tried to mount a comeback. It's a real tearjerker in retrospect.

Such a shame. People with mental health and addiction issues cannot handle anything, let alone trying to constantly maintain life in the public eye.

Mindy McCready, 37 dead of apparent suicide

Troubled country singer Mindy McCready, age 37, has died of an apparent suicide, the result of a single self-inflicted gunshot, the Cleburne County Sheriff's Office has confirmed. According to E! News, McCready shot herself and her dog. The Associated Press reports that her body was found 4pm Sunday on the front porch of her home in Heber Springs, Arkansas, after neighbors heard gunshots and called the police.

McCready leaves behind two children, 6-year-old Zander and 9-month-old Zayne. Her death comes just a little more than a month after the death of her boyfriend, songwriter David Wilson, age 34. Wilson's death is still under investigation.

McCready's tragic death follows a recent commitment to rehab and her children being removed from her home. A petition filed by McCready’s father this year revealed serious issues in the singer’s life, including alcohol and prescription drug abuse, as well as erratic behavior. According to a report from E!, who exclusively obtained the file, Tim McCready attested that his daughter had taken to her bed since the death of her boyfriend last month. “Sleeps all day,” he reported. “Drinks all night and is taking Rx drugs.”

Furthermore, McCready’s dad detailed that his daughter was refusing to bathe, was not taking care of her two young sons, and was acting violently. “Screams about everything,” he recorded. “Trying to hit father. Is not making any sense of any conversations with anyone.” The elder McCready also noted that Mindy was “very verbally abusive” to her older son.

The judge in the case responded to this by ordering admission to an inpatient facility for up to three weeks, stating: “There is cause to find there is clear and convincing evidence that Respondent is in imminent danger of harm to herself or others, suicidal or gravely disabled." E! additionally reported that Tim McCready’s former son-in-law, Billy McKnight--who is Zander’s father--filed motions in family court a week ago seeking detailed investigation into Mindy’s ability to care for their son. Both of Mindy's children were subsequently taken into custody by state family services.

Interestingly, E! reports that Mindy's father had been staying with her at her Arkansas home until Sunday morning, the day of her death. When he left, "she was in good spirits and seemed to be fine," a source told E! News.

Mindy McCready:Guys Do It All The Time

Video Link: Mindy McCready Live on Fox & Friends, "I'm Still Here"
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Re: Country singer Mindy McCready, suicide
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2013, 11:15:35 AM »
Tragic, troubled life.  I hope her kids are raised well and inherit only the good things their parents passed along.   ::praying::
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Re: Country singer Mindy McCready, suicide
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2013, 02:12:42 PM »
Tragic, troubled life.  I hope her kids are raised well and inherit only the good things their parents passed along.   ::praying::

Ditto. I've never heard of her since I don't listen to much new music. Shame she couldn't control her demons.
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