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Re: The Name Game #278
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True Story:

There was this young Native American who was curious as to how all of his peers had been named. He asks his mom who names all the young Braves. She directs him to seek counsel with the Chief. He asks "O great one, please tell me how all of the Tribes' young braves are named."

The Chief looks skyward and tells him "at the moment of birth, I leave the birthing tent and gaze across the Great Plains. I name the young man whatever I first see. If I open the tent and see an Eagle soaring across the sky, I will name him 'Soaring Eagle.' If I see a pony galloping across the land, I may name him 'Spotted Horse.' If I look to the horizon and see a lone wolf, I could name him 'Brave Wolf.'

The Chief then looks at the young man and says "why are you so curious, 'Two Effing Dogs'?"

the name was "Two Dogs Effing" Not to effing dogs.

Could be worse...

"Dog Eating Turd"
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