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World/Foreign Affairs / Re: Taiwan Power Failure
« Last post by ToddF on Yesterday at 07:54:28 PM »
I don't see why this is big world news.  Power went out before supper for about an hour and a half.  Came back on, turned on the TV news and they had details, saying rolling blackouts were in effect until the plant went back online.  Went out again from 9 to 9:45 and that was it. 

The only newsworthyness is that people remained civilized during the relatively brief blackout.  No looting, no trashed convenience stores and all liquor stores remained unlooted.

Why is because some guy pushed the wrong button, and shut off gas coming into a power plant, causing a complete shutdown.  DOH!  Because of a heat wave, the grid has been strained, with no room for a plant to go offline.

At the very least I'll be in the US in September.  That kind of heat gets old.  And a record for the consecutive days about 36C, which is 97F.  On a nice note, my first two month power bill was only $110.  ::thumbsup::  My last Manila bill for a smaller place (but with inefficient window air units, as opposed to efficient inverter air, here) was $200 for one month.  Cheap power for the win.
The GOP is done.  If you can't even denounce political violence in all forms you will never have my vote.  What pussies.  Every last one of them.

As for Trump, I'm convinced he doesn't even want a second term and is going to go all out in this term.  Because he is the only voice of sanity in this.  He knows it and he doesn't care a whit what the trash in journalism writes about him.
And going by Obama's precedent, maybe Trump should come out and say "the Charlottesville police....acted stupidly."

 God I missed you.   ::laughonfloor::
  Screw him who cares.
World/Foreign Affairs / Re: Taiwan Power Failure
« Last post by John Florida on Yesterday at 05:39:23 PM »
Since I won't have natural gas in N.C.....

The freaking gas line stops about 2 miles short of my house. ::pullhair::

  Start organizing the neighbors and send a letter a week till you get it.
  Open a home for abuse and rape victims right there with the statue in front of it.
Surprised they bothered with an arrest.   I am guessing she won't ever be charged.  At some point when it quiets down it will be quietly dropped and forgotten. 

And I doubt the statue will ever be repaired and put back.   There is a reason why the police allowed it to happen.
Of course she does.  Sick to death of these people and their sh*te.

Of course she does.  Sick to death of these people and their sh*te.
Apparently, in addition to her association with the Commies, she has a relationship with BLM, and other women:
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