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Faith & Family / Re: Rescued
« Last post by John Florida on Today at 06:24:36 PM »
  What is wrong with people./...  sh*t
MN Somali politician ILHAN OMAR married brother, divorced him, etc.
Lots of support in the linked details.
Faith & Family / Re: Rescued
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 11:46:10 AM »
Yeah...given that locale...must be some larger carnivores about...lash that trash to a tree, pour a shatload of honey on 'em...let nature take its course...bite by bite...

Honey-basted scumbag on bark!

I hope he is still pimping the non-Latino "Beto"..."Beto & Pedo" for a twisted future!
Minne Proglodyte Radio & RedStar...

...if they are saying Ellison down by is likely double that...

And, on a related note...all this Carl (has-been/never-was) Bernstein BS about Trump preparing to declare the elections fraudulent and the bogus polls and pollsters predicting Demonazi wins everywhere is just like 2016 Trump vs Clinton...all meant to discourage non-Demonazi voters...when it really fed over-confidence the other way...and hopefully likely again...

Seeing these idiots come up short would be fricken hilarious!

But I cannot lose either way...either the lunatics stay checked...or we are closer to CWII...really, I cannot lose...others yes.

Faith & Family / Re: Rescued
« Last post by Pandora on Today at 08:59:11 AM »
Whoever did that needs to be glued to the road.  People can be some sick fux.
Faith & Family / Rescued
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 08:40:29 AM »
Sheesh...what kind of low-life glues a kitten to a road?

Obviously, a democrat, eh?

Glad somebody rescued her.
Like two years ago...Trump's stumps draw crowds 10 times larger anything a demonazi can draw...including the Magic Negro who lacks magic and imagination and just repeats the same old lies and same old BS and stammers his "I, I , I" crap like a demonic narcissistic energizer bunny!  The bloom is well faded off the turd...

In related news...

Is Georgia retarded enough to elect a racist flag-burning nut job as Governor?

I guess we'll find out...Georgia has been slipping into the proglodyte sty for a while...a complete dive into the manure would not shock me.
Won't be surprised if they show up pretty close to election day.......hmmmmm

They will be swarming the border several days before to orchestrate the rest of the bogus drama...

It is up to sane people to highlight the real aims of these invaders and their domestic terrorist enablers!

Like this -

We are to believe these poor decent people are fleeing injustice and oppression of a nation with a newly elected leader...and come to a nation filled with racists and fascists?

f**king seriously?!

Stuff like this needs to thrust into the face of every American!
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