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Weather, Climate, & Natural Disasters / Re: Hurricane Flo
« Last post by Pandora on Today at 07:53:45 AM »
Well, good for you and thank God for His mercies.
Wow, re-victimize the only real victim in this story a third time...

Anybody who doesn't believe we are in a war against evil on multiple fronts is mentally deficient and/or morally impaired.
Thanks, modified the thread title accordingly though your reply has the old one buried in it.  Do not know why it was such a secret who this guy is...thankfully with that name he ain't white, he's just not the head.  I suppose now the focus of the progs will be pointing fingers saying crazy people still getting guns so the only way to prevent the rare occurrence us to take everybody else's rights away...or what few rights there are left to confiscate...

Poop to that!
Did miss the connection between the LA massacre and man and dog recovering?

Jeepers Cripes!  No, wrong link...was story about gal who died who  swears up and down there was definitely more than one shooter and definitely somebody on the ground killing people.

I will have to chase that link down...
Weather, Climate, & Natural Disasters / Re: Hurricane Flo
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 06:40:21 AM »
Good news.  I have good news too, place at the lake is not an island...must not have gotten all the rain everybody else got.

Of course he was. Every mutha-fraking Catholic leader wondered what their gay lover (or unwilling altar-boy) would think/say in response to such an act.

But that was simply step-one.

Step-two will be to nail a homo (hands & feet) to the church floor, insert a rainbow flag-pole up its a$$, & light it on fire.
That oughta get the media in a froth.

Judiciary, Crime, & Courts / Re: Middleton, WI shooter...still no answers...Islam?
« Last post by patentlymn on September 22, 2018, 09:23:24 PM »

Not Islam. He shoulda been in Bedlam.

Middleton workplace shooter had gun permit revoked due to mental health issues
Anthony Tong moved to Wisconsin from South Dakota one month before starting job at WTS Paradigm

MIDDLETON, Wis. -- The gunman in a Wisconsin workplace shooting was taken to a mental health hospital and barred from possessing firearms in 2004 after telling South Dakota police that he thought co-workers were "talking bad about him," according to court records.

Authorities blast into Middleton shooter's home; info on motive, weapon still unknown
Suspected shooter dead, 3 employees hurt in Middleton workplace shooting
Anthony Tong also told investigators he believed his neighbors were spying on him when officers were called to his Sioux Falls apartment to investigate a disabled fire alarm in his home. Tong, who was fatally shot by police after opening fire on his co-workers Wednesday at a software company in Middleton, had lived in South Dakota until last year.
In the South Dakota case, a detective said in an affidavit that Tong initially wouldn't let officers inside his home but acknowledged he had disconnected the fire alarm. He eventually let officers inside his apartment, where they found ceiling fans, lights and smoke detectors dismantled. Tong told police he disabled the electronics because he thought residents in the apartment below him were eavesdropping on him.

Officers handcuffed Tong for their own safety because Tong was acting delusional and paranoid, according to court documents. They seized a pistol in his belt as well as an AR-15 rifle and ammunition in a bedroom.

Tong also told police that people at work were "talking bad about him" but refused to explain. He was taken to a mental hospital for 24 hours. A state judge revoked his concealed carry permit that November, stripping him of his right to possess firearms.
Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: This is what real demofascist leadership looks like
« Last post by Pandora on September 22, 2018, 06:04:25 PM »
...the blush is off the rose.

So glad you didn't say "the shine is off the . . ."

Heh.  Sometimes I forget you're from NJ ..............
Faith & Family / Re: Apparently there is one good man in Chicago tending a flock properly
« Last post by Pandora on September 22, 2018, 06:03:11 PM »
Here’s Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich today in an interview with Chicago’s NBC station:

    “The Pope has a bigger agenda. He’s got to get on with other things, of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the church. We’re not going down a rabbit hole on this.”

The 'rabbit hole' at issue is the infection of homo priests in the Catholic Church.
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