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  You're getting good at that.
Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: Another Massive TDS Meltdown by Progs
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 07:23:15 PM »
She's fine...if you dispense with the disease, the craziness, the seizures...the incontinence...


 The head line would be "So she went nuts had an episode and pissed herself" other than that she's fine.

I LOL'ed on that one.

  I can't spell some of the words he uses.

una parola di sillaba johnny


solo stuzzicando amico   ::grouphug::

BITS!  Coming soon!   ;)

These assholes are really asking for it!

These garbage people, they hate America.

Why can't they go to all these foreign s h i t h o l e s they loves so much instead of pushing to make this country the biggest s h i t h o l e on the planet?  Screw it, know what?  Fvck 'em, don't care, don't want to hear their bullshyt anymore!

Keep pushing, see what happens!

I refuse to use your bullshyt names!

What are you pissy little snowflakes going to do about it?!


Want to start some real shyt, candyass?!


Is there any place on the planet that isn't contaminated with proglodyte trash?!

The "Educators" / Re: Swarthmore - Let's "Queer" God
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 06:55:24 PM »

Peoplez gonna die!!!


Damn, DiFi is right!  What did she know and when did she know it?!

Huh, I guess i never knew pornstars were so dependent upon government funding.  Who knew?

The Departed / Re: Motorhead
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 06:44:24 PM »
Yeah, I hear ya.  R&R's not especially known for their healthy lifestyle and longevity...but the passing of a generation is, picking up it seems.
Sen Feinstein says people are going to die.

(CNN)Sen. Dianne Feinstein warned Wednesday that when the federal government shuts down "people die, accidents happen" and it's hard to assess what the impact will be when "necessary functions cease."

Well, she must want people to die since she voted against the bill.

No mention of that in the press, though.....

 Alan you're such a nit picker,   ::falldownshocked::
Better have a large diesel storage tank. Them suckers can suck it up pretty quick.

I looked at a small 5kw diesel and found it used about the same amount of fuel per day as a gas. Plus diesel is a lot smellier.

 Really?? I would have bet that the diesel would be better on fuel.  I wonder how it would compare when you hit the 30kw range.
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