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Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: Another Massive TDS Meltdown by Progs
« Last post by richb on Yesterday at 11:30:45 PM »
Imagine how they would be trying to cover up President Hillary's first medical checkup.............................

I would say chances are low for success in this day and age.   But,  there is an example of it happening before, West Virginia.   

It would split the state in probably the best way (provided that the San Diego area hasn't slid to far left).  It would let the interior area get out from under the thumb of the rich lefty coasters.    The interior of the state has the same problem that Upstate New York  has had for a half century, the politics of the city make the rest of the state poverty stricken (Illinois is developing that problem now too).    Maybe if it works we could see New York and Illinois split up too. 

California now is the number one state when it comes to poverty.   Nope,  its no longer Mississippi,  which is finally improving now that they have finally ditched the Dems (except the Delta).
Economy / Re: Dollar Being Isolated
« Last post by Pandora on Yesterday at 10:06:38 PM »
Good to know you're okay and checking in.    ::grouphug::
Aaaand, it's still snowing.  Going on 15 hours.
Economy / Re: Dollar Being Isolated
« Last post by Weisshaupt on Yesterday at 09:36:05 PM »
Weisshaupt started this thread, speaking of, haven't "seen" him here in a bit.

Present. Just less often.  Have my focus elsewhere at the moment.
On Sunday, the weather-weenies were saying 'toward the end of the week, there will be a dusting of snow'.

Their "dusting" struck today, all 9 1/2" of it.  And wet, heavy "dust".

 They were saying that Conn was getting 5 to 10"  schools cancelled last night they got 3"  and it stopped.
Al's always been a Great American Hero ;'}
General Board / Re: The constant drumbeat of the Tiny-Home
« Last post by Pablo de Fleurs on Yesterday at 08:00:08 PM »

S.....H.....I.....T.....H.....O.....L.....E..... :o......L.....A.....N.....E
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