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Entertainment / Re: The "I Saw This Funny Thing On The Net" Thread
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 12:08:06 PM »
And..., OK, this line is funny...

5. Sometime later, The People-osi's body will be found in an obscure park in Washington DC with two gunshot wounds to the back of the head. It will be deemed a suicide.

...but in the batshyt insane world we live's not like it is impossible, is it?!  And with each capitulation and each creeping increment it only grows more likely...

And the sounds of full retreat continue in Pubbieland...

Goddamn them, every last one!!!
There is a lot that falls into that category...yet foolish people persist in being foolish, or willing stooges of the DeepState and crony-capitalist cabal...

If not entangled in Europe or its love-hate relationship with its neighbors (that hasn't changed much...has it, despite their shared enlightened socialist sentiments!) maybe our relationship with others as well as their own with each other would be different, funny how old animosities persists, eh?   The collapse of the old Soviet Empire basically fell into the lap of Clinton & Dem's who had little to do with its demise and whom still to this day probably mourn its fall.  What should have been consolidated into a conservative win was corrupted by uninterested politicians looking to reap the supposed guns-into-butter windfall that would ensure domestic obedience and continued rule.  Then Prince Vlad had to create ways to stay in power like an Emperor and devise economic means to tie neighbors into serfdom (fuel!) and reconstitute the Russian Empire to its former girth...and this time with Ukraine the target the Dems, the DeepState, the cronys, the EU et al get panties in a bunch?  Not saying without reason but for the wrong reason.  Ironic all the role reversals and lack of consistency or conscience.  And now...the dark powers have Trump (temporarily?) in a box with relations with Russia so that no cooperation between the two can exist...not on Islamic terrorism, not on economic issues...nothing...only conflict can be allowed.  And the dumb Russians don't help by invading neighbors repeatedly.  But that action seems to be encouraged than why don't we act the same?  Time to seize Cuba, we failed to claim all of it in the Spanish-American War, Gitmo not enough...the whole damn island should be ours!  Monroe Doctrine, Putin Doctrine...don't care what it is called...same rules should apply to all or to none!  Canada and Mexico better keep in line, look out!
Not our business.
The sane -





Czech Republic






Everybody else is...
Russian tanks massing...more of a continued build up going on a while now.

Bullish for peace and harmony, eh?

A third invasion in the works...what could go wrong?
2nd Amendment/Firearms / Re: Screw fascists, let them label you outlaw!
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 08:04:36 AM »
The voters morons in my state passed a anti-gun referendum last November that is almost as bad. Many citizens - myself included - have voiced their contempt for the new law set to take effect next month. I will defend to their deaths my 2nd amendment rights.

We're inching toward the inevitable confrontation....

Aye, and like The Founders, our response will be the same.

PS - Gotta find these magazines!  Art and functionality, I like!

If tuna is "chicken of the sea" is albatross "fish of the sky"?

You owe me a screen cleaning.

I'll get right on that...
Did you read the comments at the linked story? Several posters suggest that there are hole in this story that, if true, change the completion dramatically. At this point I don't know if either narrative is accurate.

Trust but verify!

Agreed, if any brandishing occurred he's a dumbass...and the school may not be commenting out of fear of legal puer autem, I guess time will tell.
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