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Brothers & Sisters, let us pause, calm ourselves & turn to the the "Good Book" - yes the living Word of Almighty God.

In the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3 we very clearly read & are told that there is a time to hate as well as a time to kill.
Well, brothers & sisters, that's a fairly w-i-d-e spectrum of behavior (hate vs. kill). It certainly allows for an equally wide array of "other behavior" as regards the filthy, fetid vermin with whom we're dealing.

Specifically: while the phrases "hold 'em down & smash their heads in with lead pipe", or "bind 'em by the ankles to the back of a Hum-Vee & run the local roads with them", or even "insert a freshly sharpened #2 Ticonderoga pencil 3/4's of the way into one ear" do NOT appear in the Holy Word of God . . . those activities clearly DO fall into the vast spectrum between "hate" & "kill".

Brothers & sisters, draw thou thine own conclusions . . .

Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: James O'Keefe "BOMB" on Deep State
« Last post by AlanS on Today at 08:41:09 AM »
It's mind-boggling how they've infected everything.

And their freaking arrogance about it.
I'll have to check my work laptop.

Thanks for the heads up, Pan. ::bows::
General Board / Re: WD-40 enrolls armed security
« Last post by AlanS on Today at 08:29:31 AM »
Same vault that holds The Colonel's recipe?

If the Colonel would have learned how to cook chicken, he'd have been a general.
Arrests need to be made.  To start .........
Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: James O'Keefe "BOMB" on Deep State
« Last post by Pandora on Yesterday at 09:30:49 PM »
It's mind-boggling how they've infected everything.
Kind of related to Google ....... relative to their information-sucking --

My laptop is an HP.  Some time ago, the fan kept revving into high gear for extended periods and the laptop would get very warm, my browser would get hung up, pages loaded sloooowly, so I started checking the task manager for whatever was using all  the CPU when I ran across this little gem of a program "HP Touchpoint Analytics Service".  I did a search on it and come to find out HP was loading it on via Windows updates and the skinny on it is, it starts and stops "numerous applications, it's client service and installer, console window host, command prompts, timeout-pause command prompt, it's causing a lot of up and down use of anti-malware service executable and local system."  It's spyware, says

So, I uninstalled it.  Magic.  (Double magic, considering how computer-inept I am) I don't need the laptop "cooler" (lots of fans in a base for the laptop) anymore because the fan hardly comes on and all the other bullspit has stopped.

I hatez spies.
As for krystal, why isn't he gloming onto flakey-flake? He should be the perfect RINO for him.
Yes, but Firefox platform based on Chrome.


Calling All Cucks!

BK calls for cucks…


Uhm.....Firefox predates chrome by six years.


Pretty much all of this can be laid at the feet of Demofascists and their Progressive dogma and the feckless Pubbies that allowed their incrementalist sabotage of Founding Principles aided and abetted by their desire for Big Govt in their image that just gets copted by Progressive bureaucrats infesting every crack of government as history shows and as O'Keefe's efforts have revealed as all too pervasive!

How can this be resolved peacefully?

We are at inevitable...
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